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Hello, my name is Desiree. Welcome to my blog, I am a twenty something blogger, mommy of  two, and social media enthusiast! I love makeup, beauty, natural hair, fashion, reading, and sitting on the couch all day watching Netflix (among many other things, like youtube)! I currently live in Colorado Springs, I love to travel, and I have a slight obsession with Harry Potter.

About my Blog

I started this blog as a place to document my life. I hope to really capture all of the fun and not so fun aspects of life, and share my memories here so one day I can look back on these great times. But I am not going to stop there. I plan to provide organizational tips for anyone looking for some inspiration, beauty and health tips, and just general life experiences for your entertainment. I want to share my life with you in hopes that it will make your day a little brighter! I have many interests, so there is something for everyone on this blog. I needed my own little corner in this crazy world called the internet to house all of my interests, so please feel free to sit back, relax, and have a look around!

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