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So I am a little over a month into this two under two thing. The girls and I are starting to get the hang of things. We are getting closer and closer to getting this little one on a schedule and I’m finally starting to get some more sleep at night. My days are crazy and hectic, I feel like I never really stop cleaning and doing laundry, but I love it! Of course, there are some specific baby items that I am using right now that are helping me get through each day and that’s what I am here to share with you guys today! Below you will find the 6 baby items that have made this crazy life of mine a tad bit more manageable. Of course I have many other things that I use, but these 6 items are used every single day for me, check them out!

1// Graco Oasis Swing – My little one loves this swing. From the day she came home this has been her favorite spot! It was a gift we received with my first born, but she never really got too attached to it. I am so glad we kept it. Life is very busy with two under two and it has been amazing having a safe place for my infant to sleep and hang out. She will sit in this swing all day long if I let her whether she is awake or asleep. It has different settings, vibrations, and sounds that you can use to help soothe your baby, its been a great baby item and I would highly recommend it!

2// aden + anais Muslin Swaddle – These muslin swaddle blankets are amazing. The material is so breathable and soft and the blankets are HUGE. Swaddling baby in these is so easy and the size of them makes the swaddle very secure, she really has to work to get out of it. I used different blankets with my first born, and they worked just fine, but after I started using these I got rid of all of the old ones and have just stuck to this brand, there’s just something about them. They are super comfy for baby and just so soft, I love them.

3// Avent Soothies – I was a thumb sucker as a kid so I wanted to make sure my kids were able to self soothe without using their fingers! These soothie pacifiers are perfect. I love that they have softer ones for ages 0-3 months and more firm ones for ages 3 months and up. Both of my girls love their pacifiers and there are days where I don’t know how we would get through things without these soothies. My first born had different types of pacifiers, but these were the only ones she enjoyed using. Great buy!

4// Bandana Bibs – How adorable are these bandana bibs? What I love about these bibs is that they are for newborns, so nice and small. My little one spits up a lot when she is eating and these bibs fit her perfectly and catch all of it. Plus they are absolutely adorable and look cute with all of her outfits. Any product that makes her look cute while still being functional is a win in my book.

5// Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages – We used this crib with our first born for co-sleeping. Even when we moved her into her nursery we still kept her in it for quite some time. It grew with her and we just didn’t see the point in moving her into a crib. We actually transitioned her into her crib in time for our newest arrival. Its a great size, doesn’t take up a lot of room like a pack-n-play, but has all the same perks. You can easily travel with it and you can adjust it to work for you as your baby grows. It was probably the best investment we made, especially as we use it this second time around.

6// Ikea Utility Cart – This utility cart, what can I say, is a life saver! I actually purchased two of these bad boys, spray painted them white and have them stationed in my living room and in my bedroom. I think this is a great baby item because it allows me to have a stash of diapers, wipes, clothes, blankets, and anything else I may need in every room the baby will be in. This way I’m not running to another room to grab a diaper or a bib, its all right there. Plus they are multi-functional, once I don’t need them for baby items anymore they can be used for anything else, the possibilities are endless, and they are so cheap! One of the best ideas I’ve found on Pinterest.(Follow me HERE)

Have you tried any of these 6 baby items yourself?? What items are your go-to to help make life with baby easier? Share them below!


  • Kate

    we use the ikea utility cart as a mini library in our son’s room – it’s so freaking amazing!

    • That’s a great idea!! Now I’m tempted to get a third! Haha

  • Lauren Falardeau Pariseau

    Yes to all of these! We used the avent soothies, she didn’t like anything else I tried. And the swing?! yes. yes. yes.

    • Thank you!! My daughter won’t touch any other pacifiers! Love those things!!

  • Yulissa Rosario Santiago

    I’ve always wanted some aden + anais blankets. Maybe with other baby 🀣

    • Definitely try them! They are so soft, and my little one loves being swaddled in them!

  • I need a couple of those ikea utility carts so I can stay organized!

    • Yes!! They’re so affordable and you can do so much with them! I love mine!

  • Margarette Puno

    Oh yes! I had been used this items when my daughter is still a baby but now she is 4 years old.