I can’t believe we are already into the second month of the year. Every month is a chance for a fresh start and I am excited to take advantage of that. Like I mentioned in my last post  we have a lot coming up in the next few months, so I want to take small goals each month that will make my overall goals more attainable. I am excited to set these new goals and stay focused on my goals for this year. So here they are my goals for February:

1// Read 3 books

I am currently participating in three different book clubs. So my overall goal this year is to keep up with all three! Which means three books each month. I read two last month, due to having already read one of the choices, so this month I am determined to read all three of the book choices. This means using audible and the convenience of my kindle to get through each one easily.

2// Plan for Baby

This month I really want to take some time to go through Alivia’s old things and figure out just what we need to get for our newest addition. I am hoping to get a list going soon, followed by a registry, and followed by a plan! We have a lot to figure out and it’s way past time to get started.

3// Blog twice a week

I’m determined guys! 2017 is a new year and I will get back into blogging consistently! There was a point where I was actually posting 5 days a week. I had a lot less on my plate back then (like no babies), so I want to start off small, post twice a week, and create posts with real substance! I am excited to get back on track and back into the habit of creating posts a head of time and staying on top of this little blog of mine.

4// Create a budget

So, along with planning for baby, I also want to start thinking about how this new addition will affect us financially. So creating a new and realistic budget is a must. I want us to be prepared for baby’s arrival. Also, can I just say that I started using coupons this past weekend, and omg, I think I’m going to be the next extreme couponer here soon! My goal is to find ways to cut back and make smart financial decisions!

5// Continue to learn to code

I am currently on a mission to learn how to code (yay!). I am hoping to get into web development one day and it’s my goal this month to keep working at it. I haven’t quite figured it all out, I have a few different ideas of what I want to actually do with these new skills I am gaining, but the first step is learning! So send me some of those good vibes so that I can keep working at it.

What are your goals this month??


  • Candy Kage

    Learning to code on top of everything else. You go girl.

  • I also have a goal to blog more consistently and also post quality posts! Good luck on all of your goals, learning how to code sounds awesome and hard!

    • It definitely isn’t a walk in the park! =] But I am trying to stick with it! Thank you, and good luck to you with your goals as well!

  • Brandi Jordan

    Great goals!! What books are you reading this month? I need some new ideas!

    • Lets see, The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix, Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty, and The Air he Breathes by Brittainy C. Cherry. They are all choices from my book clubs, so I’m excited to get through them all! =]

  • Rebekah Bedard

    Wow those are great goals! And I have a lot of the same ones…like reading and blogging more! Here’s to a new month and fresh start. 💗

    • Thank you! Good luck with your goals! =]

  • Cassidy Slockett

    This is a great list of goals! It’s so healthy to set goals (that you achieve, of course). I especially like the coding one. I know a little bit. It’s the job of the future!

    • It really is, I think its an important skill to have and I am enjoying the process of learning all about it!

  • Letitia – Apparently a Mom

    Those are good goals! When is your new little one due to arrive? Im due in March with my second. Im starting to freak out about keeping up with everything because its been so hard to do even during pregnancy.

    Congratulations on your upcoming new arrival and here’s to making 2017 a wonderful productive year!

    • She is due in May! And I feel the exact same way, so I completely understand! Thank you so much, congrats to you as well, and good luck with your planning!

  • Sage Sheppard

    It’s great to put goals down in writing. It helps get them done.

  • Krista Aoki

    You have great goals! Wow you are so busy I don’t know how you keep up with having children, being a part of three book clubs, AND blogging! You goooo girl!

    • I’m trying!! haha thank you so much!

  • Great goals! I went down to two posts a week starting this year (I was doing three) and I am so happy I did.

    • Its easier to manage, and my goal is to focus more on the quality of my content vs the quantity! I think it makes a huge difference.

  • Great goals for this month!!! I am in a book club as well and hoping that I read at least one book this month. I am also trying to save up money and better budget this year. Coding is not easy, so good for you for learning!!!

    • Thank you, I am really trying! You’re right, not easy! =] Thanks for sharing your goals!

  • Neely

    Good luck with your goals! I always have a book goal too!

    • Thank you! I’m hoping I can reach it! =]

  • I love this list! I am really into setting goals lately and I love that I’m not the only one

    • It helps me keep everything in order. To look at a list and know what I am working towards helps a lot!

  • My goals this month are to finish reading all of the arcs I’ve received from publishers and my library books, get back on track with my blogging and finish up next month’s lesson plans for homeschool.

    • You go girl!! I hope you accomplish them all!

  • Vy Robles

    Creating a budget is so, so important and so easily forgotten during this journey. Can’t wait to see these goals come to life!

    • Thank you so much! I agree!

  • These are excellent goals! Good luck with budgeting I stink at that. Lol. Ooo… coding is fun! I’m so out dated though – so I’m in dire need to catching up as well. Will you be taking classes or self taught online?

    Also – 3 books per month. Phew! Are you going to read them simultaneously? Or one after the other?

  • Kimberly Sessions

    These are great goals. I have very similar goals for this month. I want to post more consistently on my blog and I have a few books I’d like to read too!

  • Kimberly Lewis (Lou Lou Girls)

    I love your goals! Not too many but enough to push yourself to another level!