If you’re like me you are working full time while pursuing your passion of blogging. It can feel daunting at times, but it is totally possible! I am a mother of one (soon to be two), I work full time, I’m taking classes to learn more about coding and web development, and I blog. Thats a full schedule right there! But we aren’t alone, there are so many bloggers out there who work and blog at the same time. I’ve personally been overwhelmed trying to stay on top of both worlds but with a few tweaks here and there on how I handle my blog it’s become so much easier! So here are five ways to handle blogging while working full time:

1// Plan Ahead

The hardest part about working full time and blogging is that there just are not enough hours in the day. It’s hard to balance those two areas without planning it all out. I personally try to plan ahead for a month, even if it just means jotting down what I want to blog about on certain days and then figuring out when I will have time to sit down and start busting out posts. Considering when you want social media posts to go live is also important. Take time each week or month (whatever works for you) and really take a look at the big picture. Figure out what your goals are and how it can all be planned out to work with your busy schedule.

2// Create Content Ahead of Time

Have some down time? WRITE. Seriously, this helps so much. I love the WordPress Editorial Calendar so that I can schedule posts ahead of time. I create drafts of the posts I know I want to write for the next month or so, and when I have some scheduled down time/blogging time, I try to get as many of them written out as possible. What’s left? Editing and adding images to make it the perfect post, but the bulk of the work is done ahead of time.

This is not just limited to your blog, it also means planning out your social media posts ahead of time too! I love Hootsuite for this, but there are many different ways to go about it. You can schedule out posts for each blog post that you’ve already planned out, and rest easy knowing that its taken care of.

3// Find a System that Works for You!

I can sit here and tell you all of the tools I use to make this an easier process for me; WordPress Editorial Calendar, my Erin Condren Life Planner, Evernote, etc. But again, what works for me may not work for you! So figure out what tools and resources you like and put a system together that will allow you to be productive during the time you can dedicate to your blog. My overall goal is to be able to sit down and plan out as much content as I possibly can, so that I am never rushing to put a blog post together at the last minute. It makes a difference for me because I have so much going on in my life and knowing that I have content planned out makes it easier two balance the two worlds.

4// Set Realistic Goals

This was a huge problem for me at first. I read something somewhere about how one way to ensure blogging success is to post every SINGLE day. So I really took that to heart and really strived to post 5 times a week. Somehow I did manage this, until I had my first child. This unrealistic goal (at least for me) was so overwhelming that it became hard for me to post at all, and I gave up for quite a while. Now, every blogger is different, therefore what is realistic and attainable for me may be completely different for you. Know what you are capable of and set goals accordingly. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself by setting goals that you can’t reach. If you want to and can manage 5 posts a week, do it! It personally just isn’t possible for me but that totally fine!

5// Be Flexible

Be prepared to adjust your plan. Blogging is an ever changing thing, and so is life! So don’t be bummed out if what you thought worked ends up not working after all. Don’t stress if you realize your goals aren’t actually that realistic and may need to be toned down in order to work with your lifestyle. That’s the beauty of blogging, create awesome content and the rest is really up to you!

Do you blog while working full time? What works for you? Comment below! xoxo


  • When I use to work full time I had a hard time with blogging because I couldn’t find time to do it. So these tips are great for bloggers out there that are struggling with blogging while working full time.

    • Thank you! I still struggle with it at times, but doing these things has definitely helped a lot.

  • I will more than likely be going back to work full time soon. I have been a bit nervous about how I will handle blogging and working, but there is hope

    • It’s definitely possible. Just plan ahead as much as you can and you’ll be fine! =]

  • Lora Green

    Creating content ahead of time was important for me when I was still working. Also, being flexible, it was not worth feeling frustrated when I couldn’t get to it on a certain day.

  • Claire Melzer

    I work full time too and it has definitely been a challenge at times! Staying organizing and planning ahead is the only way you can do it!

    • I completely agree! It makes a world of difference!

  • Blogging with a full time job is a serious struggle for me! These tips will help for sure. I really need to work on creating content ahead of time – I’m the worst 🙁

    • it’s not easy to do, but man is it worth it!!!

  • Blogging with a 9-5 is another job in itself. Once I got serious about it, I had to definitely get my routines and discipline in check. I recently purchased a separate planner for my blogs and I feel much more organize and I get a lot done.

    • I’m thinking about doing that myself! So far one planner has worked, but the more involved I get in the blogging community the harder it is!

  • Blogging with a full time job can be so difficult at times. I strive to post once a week and it works pretty well for me. I think by now my readers know my posting schedule. Posting every single day just doesn’t work for me right now.

    • I totally understand! 1-2 posts is about all I can manage right now, and I’m good with that.

  • Mar

    Great post Desiree! I head back to work on Tuesday, so handling my job plus the blog plus life at home will definitely be a challenge for me.