We’re having another little girl. I am beyond excited. I can’t believe I am being blessed with another little angel. When I found out I was expecting another baby I was surprised to say the least. This was not planned AT ALL. But now that I know its a little girl, I’m actually really excited about how close in age they will be, they’re going to be besties and I love that!

Also, can we say SAVINGS, thank goodness I am a bit of a hoarder, I’ve hardly gotten rid of anything from when Alivia was a newborn. We are going to be able to reuse so many things. My list of need to buy items is so much smaller this time around it makes me jump for joy. Yay for hand-me-downs.

I have enjoyed raising Alivia so much that I am so excited to have another girl. I just hope going from one little one to two won’t be as insane as I am imagining it. I’m hoping it will be so EASY having two kiddos under two….(I know, wishful thinking). But nonetheless I am very excited to have two little princesses that get to grow up together so close in age, it’s going to be crazy but I think it’s also going to be so much fun!

Next step, nursery planning! =]


  • so exciting!

    • ???????? thank you! πŸ™‚

  • congrats!! this is so so exciting!

  • Yay for sweet sisters so close in age. You’re the cutest fam already! Congrats girl!

  • Awe! Little girls are SO much fun! Congratulations!

  • Abby

    Yay for sweet little girls! My first two- a son and then a daughter- are 20 months apart are best friends. They’re 6 and 4 and it’s SO adorable to watch their relationship grow. You’re in for a treat!

    • Oh that makes me so excited!!

  • CONGRATS!!!!! So happy and excited for you as you embark on this new adventure! Cherish every moment! <3

  • Marissa Pedersen

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to follow your journey.

  • tina johnson

    Congratulations! There’s nothing better than seeing siblings together…you can see the love!! Such an exciting time for you.

  • Congratulations on your little girl! I think it is great that your daughters will be so close in age. My brother and I are 7 years apart and there is a huge difference in our relationship between my friend and her sibling who are only a few years apart.

  • Ah, congratulations! A girl! So you’ll have two girls! How wonderful! xxx

  • Congrats on your sweet girl! I’m about to have 2 under 2 also and i’m so excited! Nervous obviously but also very excited!

  • Samantha

    How cute! Girls are the best, congratulations!

  • Raluca Lo

    Wow, congratulations on your little girl! It’s great to have two daughters! πŸ™‚

  • Congratulations on your baby girl! Best wishes for a lifetime of health and happiness.

  • Kelsie Kleinmeyer

    Ahhh, congrats!! We don’t know what we are having (5 weeks to go). I’m wondering if it will be a little girl too!!

  • Congratulations! My best friend is having a little girl, and I cannot wait to meet her!