This is my first post in 2017 and though it’s a little late I wanted to share with you my 2 goals for 2017. I have twoย main things I want to focus on this year which is why I am not giving you a list of resolutions. Of course, like any person I have many different things I want to accomplish this year, but they all will be possible if I stick toย these two main goals throughout this year, and throughout my life. So here they are, my 2 goals for 2017:

Put God first in all that I do.

I want this to be my absolute first focus this year. I want to be an example to my children and I know that with Him by my side I will be able to accomplish all of my dreams. This has to be the first focus, because without Him I will be completely lost in all things. I am excited to build a stronger relationship with Him and grow in my Christian walk. I have so many things I want to do and accomplish in the years to come, but I have lost sight of the most important thing of all, and I want to fix that this year.

Stay Positive, be thankful for the blessings I have while working hard for the things that I want.

I am the worst at this. When something good comes into my life I am immediately thinking of what could be better. I am a perfect example of someone who is never satisfied. Which some may say isn’t a bad thing. Its great to strive for more, but its the fact that I get unhappy wishing for more, even when I’ve been blessed with things that used to be more to me. I want to appreciate what I have, while still working hard for things that I want! I want to see the accomplishments I have made and not just focus on my downfalls. This is an important goal for me because it is something that has really affected my life year after year, but this year it stops!

Pretty simple right? I hope to keep these two goals in mind all year round, and that they become permanent mindsets for the rest of my life! Here’s to a great and positive year!


  • Isaly Fergg

    I think it is super important to stay positive (: I think you made goals that are super obtainable!

    • Thank you! I think so too! I wanted to keep it simple this year! ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for reading!

  • Beautiful goal. Keeping God first will allow you do and achieve so much more. I make sure I pray when I get up and it makes such a difference in my life. Here’s to a beautiful 2017.

  • Jennifer Nordine

    Love your goal! Big believer in being thankful for everything in life! Every day is a blessing!