Time is going by way too fast. I can’t believe it’s already been 6 months since I welcomed my little girl into the world! So much has happened in such a short time, she is amazing and I am so lucky to be her mommy! So to celebrate her HALF birthday (what?!) I am going to share some of the amazing things that make her who she is.


+\\ She is a TALKER, at least she is trying to A LOT. Especially when she is tired. She sometimes talks herself to sleep.

+\\ She is such a happy baby, she is always smiling and giggling at someone or something. And it is my gaily goal to do whatever it is that will bring out that beautiful smile!

+\\ She has been sleeping through the night for months now, I’m so blessed!

+\\ She likes to blow raspberries, and she tries to whistle, but it really sounds like she is being a monkey.

+\\ At six months she’s 28 inches long and almost 18 pounds.

+\\ She loves to roll around the floor, I’ll put her in one spot and she’ll be on the opposite side of the room in a matter of seconds.

+\\ She LOVES attention, and I am happy to give it to her! (and so is pretty much everyone else she knows)

+\\ She also loves the camera, taking pictures of her is surprisingly easy! At least until she can get up an walk away. She is also a pro at selfies.

+\\ She makes every day special, and it’s been an absolute joy being her mommy! From the giggles and kisses to the poopy diapers and midnight wake ups I’ve enjoyed every second of her being here!

I never imagined just how awesome being a mommy could be. The love I have for this tiny little girls is insane! She has made me a better person, and I want nothing but the world for her. xoxo