Is there really any right way to prepare yourself for something like this? I’ve read books, stalked forums, browsed through pinterest and honestly I still don’t feel ready! But who ever really does, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be and when baby girl gets here, I guess I’ll have no choice but to just be ready. Easier said than done. Even though I don’t feel like I have a clue what I am doing or what to expect, I have some great ladies in my life who have been through this and some great friends who are going through it with me. #BumpBuddies. So here are some things that I have been doing in order to stay on top of everything and feel as though I have this new mommy thing under control (haha).

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1// Sleep when I can. Is this really helping me prepare for baby? Not sure just yet. I know I am going to be hard pressed to make time for a nap once she gets here, so in my mind I’m making up for the lack of sleep now. That’s logical right? I am so tired all the time, the energy burst I got during my second trimester is long gone and has been replaced with the inability to even get comfortable enough to fall asleep at night. So, I sleep at any other chance I can get. If we are making a drive anywhere for longer than 20 minutes, thats prime nap time to me, at work during my lunch I ball up my jacket and nap right there on my desk (after I’ve eaten of course). I find any opportunity to catch some zz’s so that I don’t become a walking zombie at work or at home.

2// Make lists. I have so many different lists going on. Shopping lists, to do lists, after birth lists, future plans lists, etc. I am at this point where there are so many things going through my mind, that to  me the only way to keep up with it all is to write it down. My planner is filled with lists, as well as the notes app in my phone for those scarce moments when I don’t know where my planner is (pregnancy brain). I love writing things down and checking things off as they are completed. I was already like this, but its become a little more eccentric since I’ve been pregnant.

3// Read a book. And yes I’m talking pregnancy books and parenting books. Once I hit my third trimester I cut off pregnancy books, I mean I think I have it down at this point. Plus, I am having a planned c-section so I don’t need to read anything on the birthing process. So now I am focusing my attention on books about what to do once baby girl is actually here. The book I am currently reading is Bringing Up Bébé. It’s all about French parenting and what we Americans should be doing better to raise our children. It’s pretty entertaining and informative! Books like this make me excited to be a mommy, and they give me that opportunity to think about how I want to raise my daughter, instead of waiting for her to get here to think about that. 

4// Ask Others. Other than the three things above, the only other thing I do consistently is ask questions, whether its a question for my mom, a friend, or Google. I have questions and instead of wondering and worrying I try to voice those questions to someone who has been through this, is going through this, or can at least sympathize and help me figure it out.

I’ve been blessed with a pretty easy pregnancy, it’s only just now begun to get difficult, and I am super thankful for that. I just hope and pray that what comes after the pregnancy will be just as smooth and easy to get through. For all of you mamas out there, any tips on preparing for baby? Share any ideas, tips, or tricks in the comments below! xoxo