I am loving this warm weather, and as someone who always loves to accessorize, I’ve found that during the hotter months I prefer to keep my look pretty simple. Especially when it comes to jewelry. I love costume jewelry, and I love what it can do for an outfit, but when I’m dressing simple for the hot weather, I feel that my jewelry should be a little more simple as well.

Summer Trend Jewelry

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The only thing I tend to actually layer on is rings. I love to stack rings, wear cute midi rings, and rock different styles at once. I love showing off a bunch of cute rings together in cute ways. When it comes to the rest of my jewelry, this year I’ve stuck to just wearing a watch on my arms, not really into bracelets. Also, I am loving really cute studs and simple statement necklaces.

I just love this look for summer, especially on a daily basis. Of course if I were to do something that required a little more dressing up I might go a little heavier on the jewelry, but I love how easy this look is, how effortless it is, and how much of a statement I can make without having to do too much. It’s a win win.

How do you like to accessorize during the summer? Let me know in the comments below!