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Hey Lovelies!

I am so excited for Spring time and sunshine. I personally get pretty lazy with my hair when the weather is nice, so I love to do quick and easy hairstyles that get my hair out of my face but still look cute. Today I am sharing my latest favorite hairstyle with you all, the headband chignon. I love this look, its so easy to do, and it’s super quick! You simply put a headband on your head and tuck your ends into it, and voila, a cute and easy hairstyle that will go with any outfit. My favorite part about this hairstyle is that I now have an excuse to buy a million different headbands so that I can change up the look with each outfit I wear. It’s also a great hairstyle for any hair type, it works great on my natural hair, but I’ve also seen it done on straight hair and it looks just as cute! I definitely recommend giving it a try if you like the way it looks!

Headband Chignon

What Β do you think? How easy is this look? Also, let me know if you’ve ever tried this hairstyle and how you like to wear your hair in warm weather! xoxo


  • My hair is super fine, so I don’t think it would look as cute as yours, but one of my daughter’s have very thick hair, so I will have to try this on her when her hair grows out a little more. Thanks for sharing!

  • Rosevine Cottege

    Oh I love this so much. Want to do it with my hair but it is down to my bottom. Not sure if it would work. πŸ™

  • this looks so cute and manageable thanks for sharing

  • Lisa

    Very cute!