Hey lovelies! Happy April! I’m sharing a few goals I have in mind for this month. They are very similar to last month’s goals. I am basically still focusing on the same things right now and I want to continue to work on them this month. I can’t believe it’s already April! Where is 2015 going!? And why is it going so fast! Slow down! Here are my goals, let me know what you think!

April Goals2

1. Weight Loss. Per usual this is once again a goal for me. I’m trying to make small changes here and there to get to a point where I’m am really loving a more healthy lifestyle. So far I’ve stared to drink more water, and attempt to make smarter food choices throughout the day.

2. Better Choices. Just like in my previous goal, I want to start making not only healthier choices each day, but better choices in other aspects of my life. Simple things like reading my bible every day or accomplishing one task on my to do list each day. I want to be a little more proactive and make the changes necessary to get to the poin I want to be at.

3. Blog Goals. I want to start working on some of the blog goals I have for this year. I have a lot of changes in mind, and I really want to start redecorating this little space of mine! I want to start bringing my ideas to life and make this place something that I am super proud of each day!

4. Read. Read. Read. I’m getting better at this every day. I’m really trying to make the time to read every day. Even if it’s just for a little while! It helps to have a list of books that I want to read, I’m eager to finish them quicker to get to the next book on my list! I’m pretty busy throughout the week, but I try to make the time when I can!

5. Plan! There is so much going on in my life. There are so many things I want to figure out and plan. And there are so many things I want to get in order. I just want to stay focused on the future, and make little plans where possible. I love filling things out in my planner and making lists of things I want to accomplish.

What are your goals for April? Share them with me below! xoxo