Hey Lovelies!

Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here, and I couldn’t be more ready. The weather here is still pretty nasty, unless you are sitting inside enjoying the gorgeous snow from your warm bed, so I don’t really have much to look forward to this weekend, but I’m still excited for it to get here. Today I am sharing some cute things I am loving this week, and as crazy as my days have been lately, I’m not surprised that two of them are coffee related!Β That’s pretty much the only things I’ve been consuming lately.

Things I Love Thursday 22

1// Amelie Crochet Dress. This is from Francesca’s. Can you tell that I love this store? I almost always have something from there in my “Things I Love” posts. This dress is so pretty, I love the light pink and the lace detail. Its very sweet and delicate, and makes me so ready for Spring.

2// Fujifilm X UOMini 8 Instax Camera. This is the most adorable polaroid camera from Urban Outfitters. I have always wanted to get a polaroid camera, and I just might have to get this one, the color is so great. I need this. (adding it to my Christmas list early)

3// Steve Madden Flats. I love these flats, and I love the print. They would be a great staple piece in any closet!

4// Live Happy Coffee Mug. “Drink Coffee. Read Vogue. Wear Pink. Live Happy”. I love everything about this mug. Its super girlie, and would just put a smile on my face every time I use it.

5// “By Party I mean Read Books” Sweatshirt. I don’t think I even need to explain why I love this sweatshirt. If you are a book lover like me, then you also need this.

6//Steaming Coffee Ring. I am in love.Β How stinkin’ cute is this ring?? I need it in my life. The steam coming out of the coffee cup? Adorable.

What are you loving right now? And let me know what you have to get your hands on immediately from my list this week! xoxo


  • iheartcosmetics

    I love that mug! x

    • Its so cute isn’t it? =]

  • I have been wanting a polaroid as well! So cute!!

    • Isn’t the color amazing! =] I definitely need to get it!

  • I have that camera and I love it!

    • Good to hear!! I’m definitely going to purchase it!

  • Claudia Wood

    I love my Instax polaroid camera, but that colour is soo much cuter than my plain white one! And that ring is adorable!

    • Oh, you make me so much more eager to buy one!!

  • I love Instax cameras. I might buy one soon. Right now, I am digging cute cases for my iPod 5 and saving up for an iPhone 5S gold. That phone is so chic.

  • I love that sweatshirt. I need it in my life!