As a military brat I’ve done a little traveling in my day, most of which was with my family before I moved out. However recent life experiences and choices have moved me further and further away from my family. I haven’t lived in the same town as my family in over 5 years, which can be pretty tough. Life goes by so quickly, we get busy, we live our lives and before you know it it’s been over a year since you’ve seen each other.

Since I’ve moved around a lot, I don’t have the privilege of calling any one place “home”, I have no home town, I’m not “from” anywhere, so to me home is where my heart is, which is wherever my family is. I was lucky enough to go “home” to my mom and brother last year and spend a lot of time with them, and it made me realize how much I miss seeing them everyday. And now I feel homesick from missing them so much.

Homesick - Mom

Family is so important, they are the few people in this world that will always be there for you no matter what choices you make, mistakes you make, or paths you follow. They know who you are as a person, and they accept you flaws and all, because at the end of the day, you will always be family. I have grown to appreciate this over the years, and realize what I am missing out on by being so far away.

I hope to eventually move closer to my family, close enough to at least see them as often as I would like, without having to fly to see them. I’m not sure how soon it would happen, but its a new goal I can add to my list. It’s something that has become very important to me, and I think it will affect decisions I make in the future. Whatever will get me closer to them, I’m all for!

What do you do when you are feeling homesick? xoxo


  • aw such a touching post. family is so important and i am regretful to live in the same city with my parents. i wish you luck on getting to move closer to your family

    • Thank you so much Jazmine!

  • Feeling homesick is hard, when I did I use to call my mom to chat or try to Skype a friend from back home. Family is so precious, I do my best to stay in touch when we’re separated by many miles.

    • They are precious, I agree, and I am so thankful for skype and facetime! Its so awesome to see the people you miss face to face when they are so far away.

  • I completely understand this homesick feeling and I’m sorry you are experiencing it. I hope you are able to see (or at least talk to) your Mom and brother sometime soon! Family support systems are so important!

    • Thanks sweetie! I didn’t realize just how important it was to have them close, until they weren’t anymore! So I hope to be close to them again soon!

  • Beautiful post because I know exactly what you mean about family being so important… being homesick is so hard, I usually make time for a facetime call …. seeing their face makes everything so much better!!

    • Yes, thank goodness for Face time! It does make it easier!

  • I can relate. I can’t recall anything I really did to make myself feel better when I was homesick. I’d call whoever I was missing and have a nice long chat with them 🙂

    • That does help a lot! I love hearing someone’s voice when I’m missing them!