Looking Forward

Wow, where have you been Desiree? That’s probably what all of you are thinking as you read this post. I said I was done with my “blogcation”, and then I disappeared again! I’m sorry. I truly am. I have just been having the toughest time getting on here and writing anything. Life is really crazy sometimes, you think you get throughย something, and things will start to get better, and then WHAM life smacks you in the face with some new crazy thing to get over. It’s so unfair (in my best pouty voice, imagine my bottom lip poking out and everything). ย I have to admit, to those of you who haven’t been reading my blog for very long, that I have had a rough past couple of…months (practically all of last year). And here I am, in 2015, and the same things that were giving me hell last year, are back at it now. And I have to admit for all 18 days of 2015, all I’ve been doing is trying to get through it all, and due to that I’ve had a serious lack of motivation around here.

But I’ve finally made it to a turning point. I came on here and read what I wrote for my “Happy New Year” post, and I realized that I’m already breaking the one “resolution” that I’ve made, which is to work towards a more positive life, do the things that make me happy, and truly move forward from all the crap that happened to me in 2014. I guess at the time I didn’t really realize how hard that couldย be. So, I decided to stop sulking, work towards changing the things that I can, and stop looking in the past. I feel like, for the past year, I’ve had a huge cloud of funk hanging over me. I’ve had moments of breakthroughs, where I think I can finally start getting past the things that have hurt me, but here I am, once again writing a post about those same things.

The best is yet to come

So, this is my redeclaration that I will make some changes this year, changes for the better, and changes that will help me to find true happiness. I really want to start moving in a positive path, and looking forward to better things for myself. I’m very hopeful that the worst is officially behind me, I feel more at peace now with where I am right now and where I am headed. I know there are good things in store for me, and I just need to get over this year-long humpย and get to my happy place.

Life truly does have its ups and downs, things you never think will happen come at you so quickly you don’t even realize what’s happening. But, out of all of that negativity, I can still say that I know there are also so many good things in life, so many things to be thankful for, and so many things that make me want to get out of bed every morning. My goal is to focus on those things, and create more of them in my life. I’m tired of the negativity, fed up with the hurt, and I think that what I have been through has made me a stronger person,which makes me really excited to see where I go from here.


  • Your positivity through difficult times is so inspirational!

    • Oh Jordyn, I try! =] It’s not easy, but thank you!!

  • Love how you are rechecking yourself with your goals already. Great way to stay on top of things…and to stay positive! ๐Ÿ™‚ http://www.GlamKaren.com

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