Hey Lovelies!

I hope you are all experiencing better weather than I am right now here in Colorado. It has been pretty decent lately, not too cold. But something happened this week and now it’s FREEZING, and yesterday it started to snow. Not that I hate the snow or anything, but I think I got spoiled by the great weather we were having last week. Well cold weather means more time inside, and if I’m inside I’m on Pinterest, so I guess it isn’t too bad. So here are some fun things I found this week that I am loving!


1// Matte Gold Crochet Earrings. These are too adorable. I usually stick to studs, but sometimes I feel like wearing earrings that are a little more showy, and I love the look of these.

2// All I Care About is Coffee (And Like 2 People) Tee.  You guys, I seriously love graphic tees and sweatshirts. I feel like I have one on my list every Thursday! But, I’m just always finding the funniest shirts that are so relatable, like this one, I need it.

3// Elbow Patch Sweatshirt.  I have been loving elbow patches lately, and I love that this sweater has hearts for the patches, so cute.

4// Latigo Junebug Oxfords. I have never owned oxfords before, I may have to try a pair of my own, and I think I want to start with this pair!

5// Mint and Gold Bangles.  I love bangles, and these are so cute, I love the mint color and the pearl. Pearls are just so classic.

6// Striped Bow Sweater. I love cute things, and this sweater is really stinkin’ cute. I love the bow and the lace detail. It would be super simple to outfit, and it looks so comfy too!

So, let me know what you like on this week’s list, and tell me what trend you are loving right now! xoxo


  • love that tee!

  • Same weather story out here in Utah! (I heard a storm blew in from San Francisco or something like that…) That t-shirt is hilarious!

    • Yeah, it sucks! I mean, I kind of want a white Christmas, but at the same time I don’t! haha

  • That elbow patch sweater is too perfect!

  • Seriously need that shirt!