Hey Lovelies!!

Happy Thursday! I am so excited to be sharing a few things that I have my eye on this week! There is a bit of a color theme here, I am obsessed with maroon and burgundy right now and you can clearly see that in the collage below. I’m also loving graphic tees and tanks right now, check out the new Pinterest board I made just for them! I really need to get like every single one I have pinned ASAP. So lets get to the things on my list this week.

Things I Love Thursday 16

+// Suede Lace Up Ankle Boots. These are amazing aren’t they? Can you guys tell how much I need shoes, its pretty standard now that I list at least one pair each week. I am just loving so many boots right now, and this color is amazing.

+// Adjustable Knuckle Ring.  I love midi rings or knuckle rings. And this one is so cute, I love the “swirls” and the best part, its adjustable! Which means you can wear it on different fingers depending on the day and what other jewelry you are wearing! It could also be a toe ring if your into that! So cute!

+// Blue Geometric Hooded Sweater. This sweater looks so comfy, I love the colors and the pattern on it. I could seriously snuggle up in this on a daily basis.

+// Rings. I am just loving the layered ring look right now, I love the stacked ring look, and the midi ring look. I saw this picture on Pinterest, and now I just want to go shopping for a bunch of rings to mix and match.

+// “Today’s Good Mood is Sponsored by Coffee” Tank.   I honestly could wear this shirt every day, well assuming I get my coffee that morning, because without it there will be no “good mood”. This tank speaks to me.

+// “Having Fun isn’t Hard Work When You Have a Library Card” Tee. Call me a nerd, but one of my favorite things to do has always been going to the library and getting lost in the pages of great books. I could spend hours in a library, and be completely content. Anyone else feel this way? If so we should both get this shirt!

+// Burgundy Tote.  This tote is from Target and it’s less than $40! I will be purchasing it, and I am going to cherish it, because the color is just GORGEOUS.

What are you loving this week? Is there anything on my list that you just have to have? Share in the comments below!


  • I love that hooded sweater! I would totally wear that 🙂 And it looks so comfortable!

    • I feel the same way! Its so cute and it just looks like the best thing to wear when you want to be comfy but cute!

  • Love the library card shirt!