Hello Lovelies!

Happy December! We are officially in my favorite month of the year! I am so excited for Christmas and spending time with family. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed November very much, it was a busy month with work and school, but I am happy I was able to spend some time with family.

November Recap

So I wanted to do a quick recap of everything I was up to in November! Here are a few highlights:

+// We went to the Air Force Game, last game of the season, and it was an amazing game. It was rivalry week so the game was PACKED with CSU fans. Air Force won, and afterwards we went onto the field and took pictures! So much fun!

+// Thanksgiving was pretty great. We went to a family friend’s house, and spent the day eating and watching football. I was super excited for the 49er game, and unfortunately we got stomped on, which put a pretty big damper on my mood. But other than that it was a great day.

+// We went Black Friday shopping this year! It was my first year not having to work, so I took advantage, we went shopping Thursday night, and then again Friday evening and Saturday.

+// I went to a basketball game in Denver, to see the Sacramento Kings. I am pretty sure I’ve never been to a professional basketball game before, so that was a lot of fun, especially since Sacramento won!

+// I was so thankful to get a few days off from work for the Holidays, and I definitely enjoyed every minute of it.

+// I drank lots of Starbucks, and had lots of Chipotle, which adds up to be a great month if you ask me!

+// I watched a lot of TV this month, all of my shows and then some. I am proud to say that I started reading a book this weekend and it has helped me cut back on the amount of TV I am watching.

+// I also managed to get some Christmas Shopping done which feels great, to at least have gotten started on it.

November was pretty great, but I have a feeling December will be even better, for multiple reasons! This really is the best time of the year!! What was your month like? Share below!! xoxo