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Yesterday, I randomly decided that it was time to spring clean my Pinterest. I personally like to have specific board categories, and some of my boards have been getting to the point where they needed to be split into other categories. So I thought I would share some of my favorite and most used categories, and how I decide what categories will work for me.

How I Organize My Pinterest Boards 1

When I first started using Pinterest I created very vague boards based on my interests, like “fashion”. “beauty”, and “dream home”. The best examples of me creating more specific boards are my “Fashion” and  “Beauty”  boards. In my Fashion board, I literally had EVERYTHING in it, shoes, accessories, jewelry, bags, swim suits, outfits, and more. Eventually this board got really big, I probably pin more fashion pins than anything else. It got to the point where I was no longer able to find pins later on. So what I did was split this board into more specific categories, which were; fashion inspiration (for outfit ideas), graphics (because I love graphic tees and sweatshirts), shoes, bags, swim, and jewelry. I am even considering splitting it up even more one day by season, but I want to fill the main board up a little more before I do that. I just pin so much in these areas, that it desperately needed to be organized.

As for my old “beauty” board, I had pins about nails, hair, makeup, storage, and tips on acne and teeth whitening. I mean a random mesh of all things beauty. So to organize it a little more I split this board into makeup and beauty, hair ideas, nails, and natural hair. Each board makes it easier for me to pin anything I find interesting and to find those pins later.

It has really helped me to have a better form of organization within my boards, and as I see my boards being filled with multiple categories, I try to split them into smaller categories. I love having boards that are very specific, so I’m not guessing what pins are in which boards, instead it will be easier for me to find exactly what I am looking for, as well as for my followers.

How I Organize My Pinterest Boards

Here are some of my favorite boards, some are newer boards that I just created, while others like “Fashion Inspiration” I’ve had for a long time. I love pinning things about Harry Potter, Reading Lists to try, and Home Decor ideas! For me one of the best ways to come up with new categories is when I am pinning something and I realize I don’t have a board that it necessarily fits into,  I will either, put it in a board it will work best in, if I don’t plan on pinning anything else like it, or I will create a board, especially if I know this is something I am interested in and I will definitely pin more of. My other method of creating new categories is exactly what I mentioned before, when I scroll through my boards and I realize that there are multiple potential categories within a board, I will then create new boards to make them more defined and easier to search through.

I love pinning, and I try to really make use of the things I pin, therefore organization is important for when I want to reference something later on. I’ve also found that I gain more followers on certain boards when they are more specific. For example I have a “People I Love” board which is filled with my fave celebs, but I’ve also created specific boards for some of my favorite celebs, and therefore have gained more followers on each of those boards because people are more likely to follow a board about a specific person they love as opposed to a board with a bunch of people I love.

I try to stay on top of the organization of my Pinterest as often as possible, realistically I usually focus on it every few months. But if I find any pins that are in the wrong boards, I try to fix that as soon as I notice it. To me it makes the act of pinning something that much more fun when I have a board that was created just for that topic!

So those are my tips on keeping my Pinterest boards organized and useful, if you have any helpful tips regarding Pinterest organization comment below and share!


  • I love Pinterest, but I’m the same. Its chaos. Great ideas!

  • I love Pinterest, I wish when I started pinning I had had the foresight to organize a little more because now I have almost 8,000 pins and some of my boards are absolutely massive. I am slowly but surely getting more and more organized! It’s definitely a process.

    • It is!! I feel the same way about when I first started out! It’s definitely a process, but so worth it! =]

  • Thanks for the organizing tips! It can get crazy!

  • That seems like it was a good use of your time! I love Pinterest, but it is easy for it to get chaotic.

    • I’m definitely glad I did it! =]

  • Great ideas to organize your Pinterest boards.

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