Happy November Lovelies!!!

I am so excited that November is here, my birthday is next month, and to me its officially Holiday season!! I love Thanksgiving, but I love Christmas even more! This is my absolute favorite time of the year! So I wanted to start this month off right, with a few goals that I want to achieve! It’g going to be a great next two months, I can just feel it, and I want to make sure that I am checking some things off of my “goal list”. So lets get started!

November Goals

+// Make Good Decisions. This is something I mentioned in a previous post. I want to start making better decisions, not just for “right now” but for later on too! I just want to look back and know that I made the best decisions for myself, instead of wishing I could go back and change them.

+// Health and Fitness. Okay, so this is usually on my monthly goal list, but I have to be completely honest, ever since I moved back to Colorado my health and fitness has gone down the drain! And I want to get back on track before I look in the mirror one day and realized all of my hard work is now gone! I’ve had a lot of excuses for not staying on track, but now that it is the first of the month, things will be changing immediately.

+// Start Christmas Shopping NOW. I love getting Christmas present for my loved ones, but, I am so guilty of waiting until the last minute and then realizing I can afford to get a present for everyone that I would like to. So my goal is to start my christmas shopping and planning now! And, I really want to save up and go crazy for Black Friday! This will be my first Black Friday that I don’t have to work retail in what seems like forever! So I am hoping to go a little crazy!

+// Start saving and planning for next year. Next year is already looking to be quite busy! We already have some plans to do some traveling, therefore I want to start saving and planning for those things now, so that they are relaxing and enjoyable trips, with as little stress as possible.

+// Enjoy the good times. This is starting to be such a special time of year, and like I said its my favorite season! I want to cherish all the moments I have with family this Holiday Season, as well as making sure that I am loving and cherishing my family that I wont be seeing this year. I cant even put into words how much I love this season. I am so excited to enjoy every bit of it!

And there you have it, those are my goals for November. Do you have anything that you want to focus on this month?? Share them below!! xoxo


  • Shopping in November is what helps me avoid crying about money in the month of December. I highly recommend sticking with it!

    • Good to know!! I am definitely trying to avoid that stress this year!

  • Kim

    Health and fitness are my two goals this month. I’ve been terrible with my eating habits for the past several months and the scale shows it. My clothes aren’t fitting and I’m constantly tired. Just not good.

    I wish you all the best on your November goals!

    • Thank you Kim!!
      And good luck with your goals as well! I hope you can get back on track!! =]

  • This is such a good list! I love how it is compact, but meaningful. I think that sometimes we take on so many goals at once that the lines get blurred and we start to lose focus. But your goals are all extremely attainable! I’m also going to be working on getting my health and fitness back on track. I did really good in August! I did Blogilates every single day, but then September rolled around and I just slumped off for some reason. I really hope this comment is going to make sense. I’m having a whiskey and coke, and the screen is starting to blur… ever so slightly… Lol 🙂 You’re amazing! Also the whiskey talking… But seriously… you’re great….

    • Oh Megan!
      This comment just made my day!! Whiskey and Coke, great choice! =] And good luck with your goals! =]

  • Honestly I need to start making good decisions this month too! Good luck on all these goal gurrl!!

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