Hey Lovelies!

Its the last day of October, and man, did this month go by in a blur for me. I have to admit that because things were so hectic this month, I was not very active on Instagram. But luckily,I was able to capture a few moments. So I wanted to recap this month by sharing my favorite pictures from Instagram this month.

+Before leaving Alabama and heading back to Colorado, my mom took me to the cutest little breakfast spot. It had been so long since I had my favorite breakfast meal, Eggs Benedict. I freaking love Eggs Benedict. So of course as soon as it came out I had to snap a picture of it! And, yes, it was just as good as it looks!

+This outfit was one of my favorites that I wore last month. I just loved the loose arms with my crochet vest. I remember getting so many compliments on this outfit, and I loved it so much I had to capture the moment!

+I love this picture because it was a picture I took after filming a video for my You Tube channel. This is another thing that I just haven’t had as much time to focus on, so I was so excited to be uploading videos again! Hence, the big smile! October was the month of refocusing on my channel, and I am excited for what’s to come!

+This mug is my life right now. I refuse to drink my coffee or tea in anything else. It’s so cute, and it was like $3.00 at Wal-Mart!! I love it so much, it makes me smile every time I use it!

Of course, more happened this month than what these 4 picture show, so here are some other highlights from October..

+Moving Back to Colorado (my third move this year, and hopefully my last!)

+Spending time with my Mom and my brother before I moved. (Before I went to Alabama, I hadn’t seen them in over a year! I definitely have to make an effort to see them more often!)

+Starting a new job (again)

+And, being asked to be a Bridesmaid by one of my closest friends (so excited! I love Weddings!!)

What are some of your highlights from this month?? Share them below! xoxo