September Goals

Hello lovelies!!

I’m actually not going to start this post out with the usual “OMG where did the time go” intro, because I feel like August was the longest month ever! I’m thinking it’s because so much happened last month, if you don’t know what I am talking about check out this post where I talk about what I went through. A lot has happened in the past month, and now I am in a new place, and hopefully on track to getting my life back together. Since August was so crazy, I have to admit that I didn’t focus on any of my goals that I set (check those out here). So this month will have a few repeats because I definitely want to reach some of the goals I set back then. So, let’s get started, here are my September goals:

+// Diet and Weight Loss. This is a goal I definitely stuck to last month, but I know that I can still improve this month. I have goals, and I really want to reach them. I just need to stay focused, make a plan, and reach for them! So this month, no messing around when it comes to how I am eating and how often I am working out.

+// Finances. I want to focus on saving my money, and just getting my finances in order, especially for the future. I am currently car less, and I really want to get one as soon as possible, but other than that I want to stay away from any large purchases for a while and just start saving up as best as I can.

+// Get out there more. Like I mentioned before I am in a new place now, I just moved about a week and a half ago. I recently wrote a post about Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone, and I talked about how I want that to be a goal for me right now, going out and meeting people! So that’s definitely going to be a focus for me this month!

+// Focus on ME. This was hard for me last month, so now that I am getting into a better place, I want to give this a serious try. What I mean by this goal is to start making goals for myself on both a professional and personal level. Goals for later in life, like career goals and things like that, and then I want to start working towards them. I’m in a place right now where I am able to really focus on these things and go for them and I want to take full advantage.

+// Do the things that make me happy. This is an important one. At this point in my life it is crucial that I not only focus on me and my goals, but also on my happiness. I want to find things that make me happy and also continue to stay involved in the things that already make me happy. I don’t want a day to go by where I didn’t do something that I enjoy. Blogging is a great example of this and its something I want to really dig into and be serious about. And I hope to find other things that make me just as happy, plus its a win win, because I’ll most likely blog about them! =]

Alright, those are my goals for September, I am very hopeful for what this month has to offer. What goals have you set for yourself recently? Let me know in the comments below!