Hey lovelies!

Happy Thursday and welcome to another installment of my favorite (only) series, Things I Love Thursday! So now that I am in a new town, I have been doing a little window shopping around the malls I live near, and I have been finding the cutest stuff! This made me realize that I haven’t been on a shopping trip in quite a while. So after putting together today’s collage of “Things I Love MUST OWN” I decided that I will be planning a shopping trip very soon! But, let me stop rambling now and show you guys what I am drooling over this week.


1// Grateful Wall Art. This is from a store that I cam across here in Huntsville namesdΒ Altar’d State. It is a cute christian boutique that is based in the south, they have some amazing clothing and decor items. This one I especially loved when I saw it in the store, and is at the top of my shopping list.

2// On Wednesdays We Wear Pink Sweatshirt. I am a huge Mean Girls fan. And if when I purchase this sweatshirt I will wear it every Wednesday that I possible can.

3// Anthropologie Color Block Dress. I love Anthropologie, and I saw this dress while “online” window shopping and I just LOVE it. The colors are so gorgeous!

4//Patchwork Jeans. These are also from Anthropologie, these I saw in store, and the patchwork on them is stunning! The picture doesn’t do it justice, which is why I’m glad I saw them in person. I’ve gone in the store a few times just to drool over these.

5// Blogger Wall Art. I love this quote, and I definitely want to get something just like it for my office area. This one just makes me laugh every time I read it!

6// Bright Colored Couches. I have been finding my self in a lot of shops with vintage furniture and I’ve noticed that I really like brightly colored couches. Whether they have a pattern or a solid color like the pink one pictured. But I have to say I am loving the solid pink, so I think I need a pink couch in my life one day!

Even though I could’ve found many more things to include in this week’s Things I Love Thursday, I’m going to just stick to these 6, what do you love that I picked out? Is there anything you want to add to your “Must Buy” list? Comment below!


  • My favorite is #5. I am pretty sure I am not a good rapper. I have never tried but something just tells me it would not be my strong suit. Loved the positivity in this post! Needed that today!

    • It is pretty funny, I don’t think I’ve ever tried rapping either, but I’m very positive I would suck at it! =]

  • I need a “On Wednesdays…” crewneck!

  • The colors in number 3 are gorgeous! And I need number 5!