Hi Lovelies!

Happy Thursday! Its been a interesting/long week for me, but it hasn’t stopped me from my online shopping. I’ve found some really cute things that I HAVE to buy and I am sharing them with you below for this week’s Things I Love Thursday!

TILT Collage

1. Hungry Tee // I mean, this is me ALL the time. I am one very unhappy camper when I am hungry. And sometimes I do things, or say things that I normally wouldn’t simply because I need to be fed. I should probably get this shirt…

2. Owl Mug // I love owls, as you guys know already, and this mug is so cute! I think its time to just start collecting owl mugs, because they are probably my favorite things to buy!

3. This Quote // I love this quote. It means a lot to me, and it’s a great quote for me to turn to when I am having a rough day, or week.

4. Triwizard Work Out tank // I saw this work out tank on Pinterest, and I just HAVE to buy it! I mean any work out clothes inspired by Harry Potter are a must have in my book.

5. Mint Wedges // I have been eyeing these wedges for SO long! I have tried them on in store, and they are such a comfortable height, and I just love the color. I really want to scoop them up before they are all gone.

6. Kate Spade handbag // I love pink, and I need a new bag. And I love Kate Spade. I think I’ve said enough. This bag is beautiful, and so PINK. I need it.

Is there anything on this list that you love?? Comment below!


  • That handbag is cute, not sure I’d rock it in hot pink like that but the style is classic! xoxo, ganeeban

  • That pink handbag is seriously perfect. Also I love the tri wizard tournament tank #NerdsUnite!!!

  • I want that Triwizard work out tank! I love me some HP 😀