Hello Lovelies!
This week I found myself on Pinterest more than usual, which is saying a lot. I have so much on my mind right now as far as my future home and how I want to decorate it, and since I’ve been losing weight, I am in desperate need for a new wardrobe, or at least to start adding more to it. So that has been my focus lately and the main focus of today’s “Things I Love Thursday”, home decor and a new wardrobe!

TILT Collage 1

1// Floral Romper. I’m pretty sure I’ve said this a million times, I love floral! And I have been searching and searching for the perfect romper. I’m pretty sure this one is the one! Now I just have to figure out where I can purchase it! Summer will be over before we know it, but I can always reuse it next year!

2// I love cool, funky furniture like this blue dresser. I would love to have a really colorful home where everything seems so different but goes so well together. If not the whole home, than at least my home office! And I think a dresser like this is on my list of must do DIY projects!

3// This Workout Tank is amazing. I definitely need to get it! I really want to get a few items together for going to the gym. Anything that will motivate me to go work out is important, plus they’re cute! What’s not to love?

4// Starbucks Pillow. This would just look so cute pretty much any where in my home. It’s a must have in my book. I’m putting it on my christmas list.

5// iPhone 5s. Ok so I am a little late in the game here, but last week I finally upgraded my 4s to the 5s. I know, I know, why didn’t I just wait for the newest iPhone, which is coming out very soon? Well my 4s was no longer working as well as it had before. I mean I had trouble charging it, it would freeze and reset, and my volume buttons weren’t working anymore either. PLUS I was able to get the 5s completely FREE. So I had no reason NOT to go ahead and upgrade. And I am so glad I did. This phone is amazing. I cant wait to see what the next one is like, though I am in no hurry to upgrade again just yet.

6// Crochet Top. Just like floral print, I also love crochet! Crochet tops, dresses, shorts, you name it. I especially love tops and this one  is just so pretty! I love all types of different styles, and its one of those things that I personally like to rock all year round.

So what do you think? Is there anything on this list that you just HAVE to have?? I seriously need that Starbucks pillow! Comment below what you are loving this week!!


  • THAT STARBUCKS PILLOW!!! Oooh la la I am so in love!

  • I love that Starbucks pillow!! Oh and I also love my iPhone 5.. so will you! 🙂

    • I am obsessed with the Starbucks pillow, I will find it one day and buy it! haha

  • I’m hoping my 4s holds out for the new one! Mine is starting to act up every once in a while too 🙁

    • I hope it does for you! The next one will be quite an improvement for you from the 4s. I’m excited for it to come out!

  • Cute, cute, cute! I am loving that dresser. The color is gorgeous!

    • I definitely need one in my home SOON!! =]

  • Hi! Hopping to your blog from Bloppies today!

    I am in love with that blue dresser. Seriously. Happy Thursday!

    • Hi Jill!! Thanks for stopping by!!
      I am also pretty obsessed with that dresser, I really want something like it! =]

  • I love that work out tank. I have had the same workout gear for like 6 years… and I need some updates. I like the sassy work out t-shirts. And that one, is awesome.

    • haha, same here. I need some new, cute, and sassy things to wear to them gym. Keep me motivated! haha

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