Sundays are for Cuddling

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope it has been an amazing weekend for you! Mine has been filled with family and fun, and I am looking forward to another great week. I absolutely love Sundays. It’s the one day of the week where relaxing is expected. Except for days like today where you have to work…which is the case for me. So while everyone is at home relaxing today catching up on blogs and TV shows, I’ll be at work daydreaming of the moment I can go home and cuddle up to a good book.

Since I do have to work today I am going to stick to the usual and join in on the Sunday Social link up with Ashley and Neely. This week’s questions are easy and fun! Feel free to join in on this link up and comment below with a link so I can check yours out!!

1. Gum or mints? I prefer gum when it is appropriate. However I find myself more so in situations where it is not acceptable to chew gum, so I tend to stick to mints more often.
2. Tea or Coffee? Despite my undying love for Starbucks I am a HUGE tea drinker. I even tend to get tea at Starbucks instead of coffee most days. But if I am dead beat tired and in need of a pick me up, I am reaching for some coffee or my keys, so I can drive to Starbucks for a Grande White Chocolate Mocha with Raspberry. yum.
3. Fruits or Veggies? Fruit. I could snack on fruits all day long! But I also love my veggies when I am in the mood.
4. TV or Movies? Movies. Until recently I have not been into TV at all! And the only reason I watch it now is because I have so much more time on my hands. But I LOVE movies, and I especially love watching a bunch of movies on a lazy Sunday!
5. Candles or Diffusers? Candles. Hands down. I love candles. I love picking them out, I love smelling them when they aren’t even lit, and I love lighting a bunch of them around the house.

Social Sunday

And that’s it for this week’s Sunday Social. I hope you all have a great week!! Make sure you comment below and tell me which questions you would answer differently.

I also want to mention that today is my Husband’s Birthday!! Happy Birthday hun, I love you!! 


  • I’m a HUGE tea drinker too! I always go for the shaken black tea at Starbucks. Yummmm

    • I love the shaken black tea!! 🙂

  • I absolutely love candles too! Love shopping for them and lighting them, we go through a TON of candles. I’m sure my husband gets tired of buying them! Happy Sunday & Happy Birthday to your husband!!

    • I am the exact same way!! So far my husband seems to enjoy them, especially helping me pick them out! We can spend quite some time in the candle aisle smelling every single one! =]

  • I agree with you totally about the gum. It just really isn’t appropriate most of the time. If I have it, I can’t resist the urge to chew it and I just think it’s unattractive!

    • Exactly, so mints are usually my go to. But when I am at home, its ALWAYS gum! haha

  • I love candles too. I love burning different ones in different rooms.

    • Me too!! I love going from one room to the next and enjoying the different smells.

  • Grande White Chocolate Mocha with Raspberry sounds pretty good right about now. Happy birthday to your husband!

    • It does, I think I have to have one tomorrow! =]

  • Oh, I love Starbucks too, but I can only have it in the morning or else I’m up all night! /happy Sunday! Your blog is beautiful!

    • Thank you so much!! Yes, my Starbucks craving is usually fulfilled in the morning! =] Unless its tea!

  • The white mocha with raspberry is my coffee of choice at Starbucks too (and it doesn’t hurt that it’s pink!). Recently I’ve been checking out the White Mocha with Toffee Nut. It’s a bit sweeter but on the days I’m craving that it hits the spot.

    • I love that its pink!! Its so me to have a pink drink! haha Ill definitely have to give the Toffee Nut a try!