Happy Monday Lovelies!!

For those of you that don’t know me, I am a pretty shy person. And most definitely an introvert. I love to spend my time alone doing things I enjoy like reading, blogging, or watching movies. Sometimes when I am invited out, it is a struggle to get myself to do it because I would much rather spend my evening to myself. But at the same time, I’ve cried myself to sleep at night because I don’t have any true girlfriends, and I wanted to be able to create those memories with others that will last a lifetime.


I don’t think I have mentioned this on here yet but I moved this week, to Alabama. Its one of those moves that happened due to things going on in my life, and it could be a short temporary thing, or I could be here for a while. I am trying to figure things out for myself, and this is where I need to be to do that. I am very blessed to be closer to family now and I am trying to move forward and get my life on the right track.

So, last night I went to a young adults service at the church I am going to now, and I have to say it was really hard for me to get myself to go! I’m in this new town, I don’t know anyone besides my family, and I am thinking about going to this thing with other people my age, its so SCARY, and this experience and my reaction to it is why I decided to write this blog post. I knew if I didn’t go I would be missing out on an opportunity to meet other people my age that I can possible connect with, and I have to say I am so glad I talked myself into going. I was lucky enough to walk into an atmosphere filled with good-hearted people that welcomed me in and made me feel comfortable.

comfort zone

Not every situation will be as easy as the one I found myself in last night. I have so many things that I want to do and accomplish right now! And one of the things that I think can really hold me back from reaching some of my goals is my fear of putting myself out there. One thing I want to do differently and change about myself is how hard it is for me to go out and meet people. I want to start stepping out of my comfort zone, getting out there, and making friends. I just have no clue how to do it. I’m so uncomfortable in social situations where I don’t know anyone. But, once I do start to get to know others a whole new Desiree comes out. Another weird thing about me is that this doesn’t apply when I am at work. When I am starting a new job, I am a social butterfly and I am not afraid to talk to anyone! I mean I will start up conversations and get to know my co-workers in a heartbeat. But, Β if I went to a party or event where I don’t know anyone I guarantee you I will be sweating bullets the entireΒ time.

I envy people who are so comfortable with just walking up to someone and striking up a conversation, and I am also thankful that there are people like that, or else what are we introverts to do? We would never meet anyone! So this is my declaration of a new start, this move is the new start of a lot of things in my life, and I want this to be a focus for me. I’m not just talking about making a few friends here and there, life is all about who you know, especially in the work force, I want to really learn how to network, and put myself in the company of people that have similar interests as me and are like minded. I also want to network and meet more people in the blogging community. I feel like this situation for me can be easily fixed if I just continue to put myself in situations that make me uncomfortable, and then I will eventually get the hang of this “meeting new people” thing that I am absolutely clueless about!

So here’s to meeting new people, putting yourself out there, and stepping out of your comfort zone! Comment below and let me know what personal fears or bridges you want to get over?


  • I can relate to this so much! I have the exact same problem. I want to meet new people and make new friends and connections, but it’s so hard for me to go out and actually talk to people. I’ve been trying to make an effort, though. Good luck, I hope you find some great people and enjoy the new town you’re in!

    • Thank you Gabby!!
      And good luck to you as well! I hope its something that we both can overcome! =]

  • Great post Desiree!! There was a point I tried to step out of my comfort zone but I’m still working on it. One suggestion that I received from a friend is do one thing each day or each week that scares you, say yes to something you wouldn’t normally do, or facing a fear. She tried this for an entire week and it definitely changed her life around and she was more open than she was before. This could be a starting point. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Chantel!! =]=] Love your BLOG!!!
      Thanks for the tips, I will definitely make that a daily goal for me, going to the church event on my own was a good start I think, and I will do my best to keep doing that! =]

  • Meeting new people is soo soo hard. I have the most difficult time in group settings. I can fake a nice bubbly outgoing personality at first but if no one reciprocates or if people seem uninterested in conversing with me I become SO exhausted. I think it’s great you encouraged yourself to put yourself out there…I know how it feels to want to stay home but then also want the companionship that can only be found through socializing.

    • Thank you and hopefully I will stick to this choice and start doing more things that make me uncomfortable. And I totally know what you mean about being in group settings! It really is exhausting!

  • Good for you!! This is an inspirational post for those of us in the same boat. I have no problem putting myself out there online, but in person is another story! #bloppies

    • Same here, I am a completely different person online! =]
      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Well done you πŸ™‚

    I’ve done a coupla things outside my comfort zone lately, like join a pilates class locally, and you know what – it was really great fun and I’ve managed to make friends. Thank goodness. Because for all I’m pretty gregarious, and can be in real life too, I do worry about what kind of first impression I make.

    I guess these things are common to all of us, and hopefully we all understand and relate to the newcomers with compassion and empathy.

    I’m glad you made yourself go, and that you found lovely people there πŸ™‚

  • I used to be like, then I realized that you had to go to networking events if you’re trying to land a job! It was sheer hell but I pulled through, and now, I’m much better at striking a conversation with complete strangers! It does help when said strangers are really warm and friendly!

  • Oh Desiree… I can totally relate. I am truly an introvert..loving to be curled up on the couch watching my fav show, or on my computer shopping, blogging or reading something of interest. I struggled & still do at times to make myself “get out there”. Once I am out and I’ve started the conversation then I am all good. But, I am not great at small talk…so it makes it difficult sometimes. Happy to see you stepped out of your comfort zone!!

    • I agree, the hardest part is going for it, and then it does get easier! Now I just have to remind myself of this whenever I am on the fence =] Thanks for stopping by Lynn!

  • Thank you for sharing! Very inspirational! Be Proud, be you.


  • This is awesome. It takes a lot of courage to realize this about ones self and then work to change it. Would trying a meetup.com be too much? I’ve heard they have them for everything, from hiking groups to new transplants in a city. I know it would be daunting to put yourself out there like that, but it’s something worth trying since you’re being adventurous. Best of luck in adjusting and you should feel proud that you are stepping out of your comfort zone. xoxo, ganeeban

  • Such a beautiful girl!
    It takes a lot of courage to do what you’re doing!
    Keep killin’ it!
    xo Tiff (Creator & Editor at HauteMess Magazine)

    • Thank you Tiff!! And thanks for stopping by! =]

  • Aw, being in a new place is definitely scary! You’ll do great! Just be yourself (:

  • Congrats on your move! Best of luck

  • Congrats on the move! Good luck in Atlanta and keep pushing yourself out of the comfort zone. You will go much further than if you stay in it!

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