Often times, I find myself comparing my life to someone else’s. This can range from Beyonce to someone I went to High School with or to some random person I find on Facebook. I have no idea why I do this, but it can be pretty upsetting sometimes. That quote that says “You have the same number of hours in a day as Beyonce” is kind of like a slap in the face to anyone who isn’t nearly as successful as her. Maybe I am being sensitive and slightly pessimistic, if I looked at it in a more positive light I could see the quote as inspirational instead, but I digress.We can’t all be superstars people, it just wouldn’t work. And I am ok with that, don’t get me wrong. But I can’t help it, when I am watching a documentary on some average person turning into this huge star I start to think, why not me? Not that I want to be famous, yuck, no. But I do want to be successful and happy.

I think success can be measured or determined in different ways for different people, one person’s idea of success isn’t necessarily the same for me. Success to me can happen in different ways. In my opinion I will be successful when I am doing something that makes me happy, when I am more than financially stable, and I am able to provide for children that I hope to have one day. But those can all be broken down into subcategories of expectations that must also be reached. An example would be; I want to do something that makes me happy, but that is only possible if I am my own boss, doing something creative and worthy, and it should allow me the ability to go out and experience life. So to say that I have a set idea of what I want in life is simply not true. I think there are many ways that my life can turn out, that I can consider successful and that will make me happy.


For me the issue is getting there, and the worst thing I can do as I reach for my goals is to compare myself to someone else. The quote “Comparison is the Thief of Joy” really resonates with me. And important part of becoming successful and getting to that point in life where you are proud of what you’ve accomplished is the journey to get there. And if I am busy comparing myself to someone who already has things in there life that I currently believe I need in my life to be happy, pop, there goes my joy. And it doesn’t matter their circumstances or their journey, I just think, “They have what I want, what am I doing wrong?”.


I’ve been this way since I was a little girl. Back then it was little things like, wanting someone else’s hair, wishing I could wear makeup like so and so, or going to a friend’s house and wishing I had a home as big as her’s or as many barbies as she did. Is this something I was just born with? Is it just a human thing? I don’t know, but it is completely unfair to do this to myself. So I have decided that this is something I really want to stop doing. I want to enjoy my life, enjoy my 20’s even if they turn out to be the toughest years of my life. I want to look back and be able to say that even in hard times I managed to make the most out of life.

I want to be happy for other’s who have reached their goals, and know that as long as I am reaching for mine it will happen for me when it is meant to be. The journey to success is different for everyone, different lessons must be learned, and different goals are being reached.

Do you find yourself dealing with similar emotions when you are having trouble reaching your goals? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


  • Very true! Don’t ever compare yourself to someone else!

    • I agree!! Thanks for stopping by Sarah! =]

  • I do experience such emotions too. And I think it’s normal, it’s in the human nature. But my advice to other people is try not to focus on comparing yourself to others. It will never give you happiness and besides, success is how you measured it.


    • That is so true! Thanks for sharing Alyssa!! =]

  • i find myself comparing myself to others all the time! while it’s good for inspiration once in awhile, we all have to be ourselves toO!

    Sandy a la Mode

    • I completely agree Sandy!! Thanks for stopping by!

  • This is something I have always struggled with! I found that social media makes this even more difficult. One thing I heard that I always try to keep in mind is that a lot of people show their “highlight” reel on social media of the best things in their life. Their life looks awesome, but you don’t see all the day to day struggles, disappointments, frustrations and more. Thanks for this reminder!

    • That is so true!! It can definitely change your mindset when you keep in mind that social media is a highlight reel. Thank you for sharing that, its a great point!

  • I get caught up in the comparison game all the time. I love the quote you used, “comparison is the thief of joy” Keep writing and inspiring girl!

    • Its hard not to get caught up! But there’s just nothing positive about it unless you are looking for inspiration! Thank you for stopping by!! =]

  • You hit the nail right on the head. This is something that has been on my mind for quite a while now. I’ve been going through a big life change with moving across the US, and it has caused my depression to absolutely kick my butt lately. And unhealthy comparison is definitely one of the roots of that depression. Even though I know that comparing myself to others doesn’t make any strides in the right direction, I can’t help but find myself doing it anyway. I think it is just part of human nature to desire things that other people have, but it’s a matter of how badly we want those things and if we are going to let those feelings affect us in a negative way. Does that make sense? I think it makes sense… Tell me if I’m wrong lol. Great post Desiree πŸ™‚

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