let the rain wash away

Happy Thursday!

Lately the weather has been ridiculous where we are. The amount of rain we are getting is just plain crazy. So I have been enjoying a few rainy day past times, and day dreaming about a few purchases that would make this weather a little more enjoyable. So for this week’s Things I Love Thursday, I am focusing on things I LOVE for a rainy day!

Rainy Day Collage Good

1// Pink Hunter Rain Boots. I NEED these in my life. Pink is my favorite color, and with the way its been raining lately, sandals just are not going to cut it! So these are now on my must buy right away list.

2// Reading on a Rainy Day. I love to read, if you have read previous blog posts from me, you already know that. But there is just something about reading a good book on a rainy day, wrapped in a big blanket. It’s heaven.

3// Watching Movies. I love getting in bed and cuddling under a huge blanket and watching multiple movies at a time. Popcorn included of course.

4// Rain Rain Go Away Umbrella. How cute is this umbrella? I currently own ZERO umbrellas, so when I get caught in the rain, I get caught in the rain. So I am eager to purchase one, and I am hoping I can find something as cute as this one!

5// Tea. I love tea. Especially on a rainy day, I love to pick out one of my favorite tea cups or mugs, and drink tea all day long. It just makes me feel so warm and cozy. And its perfect paired up with a good book.

6// Raincoat. I need a rain coat. What I am using right now to shield myself from the freezing cold rain is embarrassing and non deserving of the name coat. I love this navy striped rain coat, I would love something just like it. It would go with a lot of things in my wardrobe, including those pink rain boots. =]

What do you enjoy doing or wearing on a rainy day? Comment below!


  • I am also a huge fan of tea on a cold rainy day. It seems like everyone is getting rain lately. My family back in Minnesota has been experience bouts of rain that last for a week or more. My mom said that they are finally starting to get some sunshine. And that rain coat? Yes. I need that. It’s sunny and 84 here in Connecticut…. but I need that.

  • cold day + hot tea = snuggled bliss

  • B

    Oh my gosh! The rainboots and tea cups….LOVE!! I really love the rain.
    What a great post πŸ™‚


    • Thank you!!! The teacups are super cute aren’t they? And I have to get those rain boots!! haha

  • Porsche

    Everything you posted is everything I need in my life.

    • I have to have to boots ASAP! haha.