Its that time again! I am super excited to be linking up over at Two Thirds Hazel, and completing the Blogmopolitan Quiz! If you haven’t done one of these before head over there now and do it! It’s such a fun link up and a great way to find other awesome bloggers. I love going through the links and reading through everyone’s quizzes. They can be pretty entertaining =]. So without further ado, here are my answers to the quiz..

The Blogmopolitan Quiz 2

This was so much fun to complete! Β Let me know in the comments below if we have anything in common, and also let me know if you did this quiz too so I can check yours out!! Have a happy Friday!


  • What a fun idea! I am one of those losers who doesn’t watch Real Housewives either. I used to watch NYC and Atlanta, but I lost patience for it. And I’m with you on curling up and cuddling – my bed is my favorite place in the house! Nice to meet you, Desi (is it ok to call you that? You said you liked it) – I saw your link below mine in Bloppies FB group. Have a great weekend!

    • Hi Dana!!
      YEs you can definitely call me Desi! Its the only thing I go by other than Desiree. =] I started watching Real Housewives as well, but eventually lost interest. I’m glad I’m not alone! Thanks so much for stopping by, I’m headed to your blog right now!! It’s great to meet you!!

  • I couldnt live without coffee either, Desi! ans summer is definitely my fave time of the year!
    i love yoru answers, and your blog too! I am your newest follower!

    • Thank you so much Orly! I’ll definitely stop by your blog as well! I love summer, it’s so relaxing! =]