Happy Thursday!

My week has been pretty insane. And today is my day off, yay. I have big plans today, plans that include tanning, re-reading 50 Shades of Grey, and honestly, not much else.

But I definitely wanted to come on here and do (what’s supposed to be) my weekly post about things I am loving right now. It actually came at a great time for me this week, I actually sat on pinterest for like 3 hours yesterday, and fell in love with a bunch of things! Pinterest is like my home away from home. But let me stop babbling, here are the things that I am loving right now!

Things I am Loving 652014

1. This amazing Couch. I came accross this couch weeks ago, and it is just one of those things that I always go back and look at. I’ve been dreaming lately of what my home office will look like one day, and this couch has my name written all over it. The whole set up around it is pretty amazing as well, you should check out the full post, this ladies apartment is amaze balls. If someone could just come and do this to my apartment? There will be a huge hug from me just for you!

2. Puppies! Who doesn’t love puppies? I personally am a dog lover and have owned a dog for the majority of my life. I am currently dog-less (sad-face) and have been dreaming of the day that I have a cute little furry friend again. So naturally I have been torturing myself by looking at puppies all over the internet. And how cute is the one pictured?? Love.

3. Starbucks. I love starbucks. I never really liked coffee growing up, or until recently really. And honestly, I dont just go there for coffee, but for pretty much everything. I go there almost every day now. SometimesΒ I enjoy sitting with my drink (and bagel) and a good book, or like in today’s case, my computer and just enjoying the sweet aroma of coffee brewing.

4. This Mug! I was planning to put Beyonce on my collage this week, but then I ran accross this amazing mug, with one of my current favorite quotes from her (I mean, who isn’t saying it?). I need to own this mug. I am a big tea drinker when I am sitting at home (or at starbucks), and I have a small collection of mugs. I dont just buy any old mug either, it has to be special, and boy is this a special mug. It’s on my must buy list.

5. This Office. Like I mentioned in #1. I have been dreaming up the perfect home office that I hope to have one day. And I have an entire board on pinterest dedicated to this obsession. I hope that when the day comes I have a solid idea in mind, but right now I pretty much love any girly, colorful, eclectic, fun office that I find! Luckily I don’t need to make any final decisions just yet.

6. Midi Rings. These ones are super cute, but I am pretty much in love with the look as a whole. I wear a set every day at work, it is a subtle way to add something special to your look. I wasn’t a huge fan when they first became popular, but now, obsessed. Go figure.

7. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. This was on a favorites post of mine a while back, and it is still a favorite of mine. The reason I felt like I should add it on this post is because lately I have been wearing it EVERY DAY. No look for me has been complete with out a bold liner that I love acheiving with this amazing little guy.

8. Floral Skirts. Heck, anything floral. It has always been my favorite print, and now that Summer is here, I am seeing it everywhere, and I LOVE it. I personally need to get a few new key pieces for my wardrobe, and a cute floral skirt would be a great start. I also love floral dresses, tops, and shoes, like I said, pretty much anything. Oh great, now I have an itch to go shopping!

Now I am off to enjoy this rest of this beautiful and HOT Arizona day. Hopefully the only place you will be able to find me is pool side. What things are you loving right now? Share them with me in the comments below!


  • Fun! I’ve been trying to talk my husband into getting a puppy for a couple of years now. Starbucks has some great drinks, too. Those Midi rings look fun to wear; I might have to find a few myself.

    • They are so fun to wear, and there are so many different styles too!

      My husband is holding me back from a puppy too. But we are currently living in an apartment, and I dont really want to get one until we have a yard that it can run around in! =]

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Sweet roundup of things you love! I love me some starbucks and adorable puppies!! I just look at a starbucks cup and start jonesin’ for some coffee and a blueberry scone!!

    • I hear ya! I’ll have to try out a blueberry scone one of these days! =]

  • That puppy! TOO CUTE!

    • I know!! I just want to jump into the picture and take it home with me!!