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So the upcoming order date for the new Erin Condren Life Planners made me want to go ahead and share my current set up in my own personal Life Planner! That way anyone who is considering purchasing one on June 12th (woohoo!!!) can maybe get some new ideas of things they can do with theirs. (Have I mentioned how excited I am about the new updates to the Life Planners?? So stoked.)

So I have shared my cover with you already when I revealed my new Life Planner in this post. So lets just jump start to when you first open my planner!

Erin Condren 8

So the first page is super cute with an inspirational quote. I added one of my favorite journaling cards that I randomly picked up from Target it says “This is what its all about”. Then on the right hand page are daily goals that I have set for myself, they are pretty personal so I blurred them out, but it is just an easy reference for me each day.

Erin Condren 1

The first section in the Life Planner is a perpetual calendar for birthdays and anniversaries. Since I got this planner a little late in the year I decided to turn the first page of this section into a goals section. I have my New Year’s resolutions, long term goals, and passwords! I still have a fourth section, and no current ideas of what will go there, but its there if I ever need it. The rest of this section is used for its purpose,  I put any upcoming events, birthdays, or anniversaries throughout.

I am excited that the new life planner still has this section, but in the form of a booklet, that way you can take it out each year and put it in your next planner,which saves you from having to rewrite out all of these important dates over and over each year! Great update!

Erin Condren 2

Here is my May month on two pages. I use the stickers that came with the planner to mark bills that are due (the red stickers) and pay days (green for $$). If there is anything else going on, I use other colors or preprinted stickers. I also enjoy decorating this page with washi tape and other stickers that I have at home! I pretty much use this to plan out any big events or trips, but my main use is budgeting.

Erin Condren 3

Next up is an idea of how I set up my weekly pages. I typically keep a to do list in the goals and notes section on the left. I write out my schedule for work and then fill in everything else going on that week, oh and my workout schedule is written out on the bottom of each day. I also enjoy decorating these pages too, I find that when they are decorated, even a little, it keeps me motivated to check it throughout the day.

Erin Condren 4

The next section that I want to share is the notes section in the planner. The planner comes with lined and plain note paper. I personally don’t want to take notes of any kind in my planner because it is something that I plan to use for entire year. Also, I have a notebook that I purchased with the planner on the back cover. So I chose to use decorative paper from Michael’s to keep the pages sturdy and super cute so I can do my own things with them! Right now I just have two sections that I use regularly in the notes section of the Life Planner. I am leaving the rest open, to change and update as I see fit throughout the year.

The first section is Health. This is where I keep my blogilates calendar to check off each day, and where I track my weight on a bi-monthly basis.

Erin Condren 5

 The second section is my Social section. This is where I keep my blog/youtube stats and information. I plan to add more to this section, because I am considering transfering my blog planner into this one, so that I just have one planner for everything.

Erin Condren 6

 I also, use this section for ideas for blog posts and videos! I use post its so that I don’t have to write on the actual paper. I usually take the post it of the idea I am interested in doing that day, and place it into my weekly view! It kind of gives it a feel of an editorial calendar, without turning my entire planner into a blogging planner.

Erin Condren 7

Last but not least, I keep shopping lists, todo lists, and important papers in my keep it together folder, on the opposite side of the folder are extra colored stickers that I purchased with the planner (the ones that I use in the monthly views for bills and pay days). In the amazing zip-loc pouch in the planner I keep all of my extra decorative stickers, post its and fun things to decorate and stay organized with.

And that’s it! That is how my planner is all set up. So far it is working perfect for me and I am really happy with it! I hope my set up inspires someone out there, this really is a great planner! Let me know what you think!!


  • This post has me all excited to order an erin condon planner. I’ve never had one but been eyeing them for the last year! Maybe I’ll take the leap soon!

    • You totally should! I love mine, and I seriously use it every day, its that great! =]

  • Now that’s organized! Love it. I do something similar for my business in terms of scheduling tasks and projects. Great job!

    • Thank you!! It is a really great tool to have!

  • Wow. You are so organized. Way more than me! LOL I really need to get something like this. Thanks for sharing how you use it.

    • Haha thank you, thats nice to hear! I always feel like I could still organize it even better than what it is. But so far this system is working for me! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Love that planner and those crochet shorts 🙂 I will probably use this as a reference and make my own planner.

    • Awesome! My favorite part of getting a new planner is setting it up!! 🙂

  • thanks so much for the amazing review & helpful feedback! we’ll pin to our Pinterest ‘review’ board.. enjoy!

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