Hello All!!
I have been a busy little bee since my last post and I have missed this little space of mine so much! But I am back, hopefully for good.

So the past few weeks I have fallen in love with a few purchases and a few trends, and I wanted to share some of them with you! So I think this will be a new weekly series for me, things I am loving, and I will focus on one specific trend or style that I am loving each week! Fun. Fun.

The first thing that I have very recently become OBSESSED with, is Owls. This is a big trend right now, you can find clothing, jewelry, and home decor all over the internet right now that is owl themed. And I just think it is the most adorable trend ever. I didn’t actually realize this was a big trend until I personally realized how much I love Owls. Which kind of just happened one day at work when I bought these two amazing owl watches.

Owl Watches 1

Owl Watches 2


(Both Watches Purchased at Francesca’s)

Tell me those aren’t amazing. You can’t, right? Anyway, as I was obsessing over these two watches I realized that we had a few other owl items in my store, like this amazing vase. And that is where the obsession started. Now, everywhere I go, I spot something with an owl on it, even though this is something I’ve never noticed before. And I just want to buy it all!

Owl Vase

(Vase purchased at Francesca’s)

I love this vase so much because it reminds me of Hedwig. (Harry Potter freak here.)

Yesterday,Β as I was shopping around the mall with my Hubby, I found the most adorable “See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil” Β owl set and I just could not resist. I think they are adorable and I love the colors.

Owl Set

(Set purchased at Earthbound Trading Co.)

I have also been stalking Pinterest for cute owl finds, I even have an “Owls” Board now. And there are so many little things that I have in mind for future purchases, like this cute set that would look amazing in a home office one day. Or, this amazing ring. Someone please tell me where I can find this ring!! I even fell in love with this Tattoo. Its beautiful, not that I have any intentions of getting a tattoo, just appreciating the art. Oh, and this iPhone case. LOVE.

Owl Iphone Case

(Coolest iPhone Case Ever)

I am loving this Owl trend. Β I especially love home decor and jewelry within this trend. I am not sure if I want to walk around with an owl on my shirt, or if I’ll ever purchase an Owl bedding set. I just think a few owl pieces around the home can be really cute. All I know is, if this is a fad that eventually dies out, I think I will still be that girl with owls all over her home. And when I have a little girl, I am totally decorating her nursery just like this! Owls, are just the cutest, seriously.



Ok I think I’ve expressed my new found obsession enough, are you a fan of the Owl trend?? What are you loving right now? Share in the comments below! Love you guys!



  • Those watches are super cute! I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with owls but I have found some owl things I like. Sometimes it’s a little overdone since owls are such a popular trend right now, though.

    • I agree! Which is why I tend to just stick to home decor and a few pieces of jewelry. Don’t want to over do it! But yes, I LOVE my new watches. I wear one of them every day. haha Thanks for stopping by!!

  • I’ve always loved owls and wish I could find more of them to decorate my home with! Wouldn’t surprise me if I ended up with an owl watch one of these days. =D

    • You should totally get one! They are so fun! =]

  • Owl-dorable! Especially the watches. So cute. Enjoyed my visit. Give this post 5 hoots out of 5!

  • I love owls too! I think a lot of it has to do with the Harry Potter obsession too. The phone case that you posted, I actually have the owl on there as a necklace. I bought it when I was a camp counselor at a Harry Potter themed summer camp!

    • A Harry Potter Themed summer camp????? Sounds AMAZING!!

  • I love owls too! Those watches are super cute. My daughter is a huge owl lover too πŸ˜‰

  • I also love owls! I like anything with birds printed on them! Hope you’re having a great day!

    I’ve tagged you to do the Secrets Of Blogging Tag over on my blog! Hope you like the questions and have time to do it πŸ™‚

    Hannah x

  • lou francesca

    I’m really into owls right now as well, I just bought an owl necklace from eBay and I haven’t stopped wearing it! they’re just too cute hah X