I currently have a wonderful job in Retail as a Store Manager, working 40 long hours a week, sometimes more depending on the week, and I have become someone who lives for my days off. They are literally what gets me through a work day. And its not because I spend my time from work checking awesome things off of my bucket list, or doing great things that I can blog about or vlog about. Nope. I look forward to sleeping in until 1 or 2pm, watching Ugly Betty (my current obsession on Netflix), and not putting on any makeup. None. All day.

I work hard so I can be lazy on my days off. Sometimes I think I should do more, give someone a call, or go shopping, but then I think about how I have to go in to work tomorrow, and how I should really use this time to focus on myself, and relaxing, oh and food. I mean don’t get me wrong, sometimes I can be a little productive, do a load of laundry, maybe straighten up the apartment, I may even get a blog post written. But do these things happen often? eh. Not really.

Its especially bad right now because I am not taking any classes at the moment. So my drive to be productive is saved for days that I actually have to work. Oh, and even if I do sleep in until 1 or 2pm, I still try to get a nap in at some point. I’m not sure if my job is just draining the energy out of me, which is possible, or if I am really just that lazy sometimes! It could go either way.

This week due to memorial day, I got an extra day off, and the most productive thing I have done so far is go to the pool and work on my tan lines. Which was exhausting after awhile due to the blazing sun we have here in Arizona, so I came inside and took a nap after. I have no shame. I work hard, I deserve a nice relaxing day off. I even tend to make plans with people on days when I am already working, so that my days off, are days off from everything.

I know I’m not alone in this, do you make the most of every minute of your day off, by sleeping, eating, binging on all things social media, and then sleeping again?? Throw a bottle of wine into the mix, and I’ve had a pretty amazing day free of work. Now I am going to end this post here, before I waste any more of my day today being productive and actually doing things.


  • You are definitely not alone! Sometimes I successfully manage to stay in my house ALL WEEKEND and it’s glorious.

  • I always tend to overbook myself, so often on my days off I have things planned with friends and whatnot. I do theater as well and have rehearsals every Sunday. So when I actually do have a real day with absolutely nothing to do, it feels amazing!