Hi Blogesphere! Oh, how I have missed you!

Life lately has been, hectic, crazy, and wonderful!

I started training at my new job last week, and it has been a little crazy, but I have enjoyed every minute of it. I am super excited about this opportunity. I am working in a new location completely, and the mall that I am at is absolutely gorgeous! My hours are so much better and everything has just been going so well. I am super excited.

I am also reallyย excited for mother’s day to be coming up! It’s always a fun time in the retail world, and I am having a lot of fun picking out what I am going to give my mom! But I need to pick something soon so I can get it mailed out to her. I miss her so much! <3


My car has completely stopped working. So I am currently without transportation right now. Which is just peachy… Hopefully everything will be figured out soon, but I am currently looking for a new apartment for when my current lease is up, and so far the plan is to move closer to my new job. Make things a little easier. So I am excited to start looking at places and hopefully find something soon!

I have been obsessing over The Big Bang Theory (what’s new?). So I started from the beginning, again, and have been watching it non stop. I love these people…


I just bought the most amazing bag from TARGET, my FAVORITE store ever. I plan to do a blog post about what I keep in it and how I keep it organized. Organizing has actually been my life lately! My Erin Condren planner is almost completely set up, so I will be sharing that very soon! I have also been switching things up around my apartment, and man, organizing is ALL I do at work right now. But I have been really enjoying it.

There have been a few other things going on in my life, things I’m not really ready to share, because they are things I still don’t fully understand. I will just say that there are relationships in my life right now that are coming to an end, and its been really hard to deal with. But I am trying to not let it get to me and just focus on the positive.


And that’s pretty much what I have been up to lately! I hope to update my blog more often once I have a set schedule at work. Lately it has just been a little hectic. But I think good things are on their way for me, and like I mentioned before, I am super excited about my new job, and what’s to come!

What have you been up to?? Share your recent happeningsย in the comments below!


  • ugh, girlfriend, the 2 worst things in the world to me is car shopping and house shopping. Good Luck with both,, also give me your thoughts on your planner. I am in serious need of a new one!