the joys of retail

+ I just folded that table, and you come right behind me and mess it up. // not cool.

+ A fitting room full of clothing that has been hit by a natural disaster. // I am not a maid.

+ Walking into the store one minute before close, and messing everything up, all so you can leave without even buying anything. // Come ON!

Being yelled at because the customer didn’t read the return policy on the receipt. // Not my fault.

customers be like

+ This “joke”- “Oh, if it doesn’t have a price on it that must mean its free right? hahaha”  // NO

+ Tell someone the promo. Get ignored. Then get asked 5 minutes later what the promo is. // Really?

+ Holiday Season and Christmas music. // Enough said.

let me die

+ When customers come in and complain about the clothing to you like you made it, or bought it. // Leave me alone!

+ Closing, and then Opening the next morning. // Worst. Ever.

+ The persistent customer who insists on a discount, and gets mad when you say no. But then buys it at full price. // [insert eye roll here]

The joys of retail

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  • I love this. So true. I worked at Target for a while and seriously… all of these things happen. Especially the complaining about something in order to get your way. Seriously? You are like 47. Act like a grown up. But I still have fond memories of working at Target, and I stay connected with my friends. I’m actually trying to get a management position at a Target store when we move. Circle of Life, right? Haha. Thanks for posting Desiree 🙂 Don’t forget to link up at Come Along Wednesdays.

    • LoveDesiree

      Its crazy the things you deal with in Retail. But yes, I can agree with the circle of life. I started as a sales associate and I am now managing a store. So there you go. haha. And yes, I have had some pretty unforgettable memories working in retail, so that is something that I love about it, you get to meet a lot of cool people. Thanks for stopping by!! And I will definitely be linking up! =]

  • Oh yes, the joys of working in retail and customer service. BUT I do think that everyone should work in retail because the experience you gain with working with other people and dealing with frustration is priceless, and you can apply all that learning through your life. A lot of what I learned in retail I can now apply on my job as a social media manager. So, those years of standing on my feet are paying off now. 🙂

    • And of course, the getting to the store last minute… on my case to buy a computer! That’s not a quick sale.. so many questions to answers, so many things to sell it with, running to a locked stockroom to get the computer, paying… There was nothing worst than working the closing shift in a computer store.

      • LoveDesiree

        That sounds, so upsetting. haha

    • LoveDesiree

      I agree! Working in retail makes you a much better customer! I go around folding clothes in stores I’ve never worked in. And it just makes you look at things from a different point of view, for sure!

  • Target is my jam! It is like my second house!!

    • LoveDesiree

      I do love Target. I pretty much only shop there. haha

  • I never worked in retail but i worked in restaurants. I feel like everyone should have to do one or the other.

    • LoveDesiree

      I agree! I work in retail, and my husband worked as a server for a few years. They both will definitely teach you a thing or two!

  • Hey Desiree! Omg I have worked at quite a few retail shops and I def. feel your pain. The GAP was one of the places and holy moley did that such. Im with ya on it all. And the x-mas music has got to go. Plus making people work that many hours should be against the law lol. Seriously, crack the whip why dont ya! lol! xx 😉


    • Hi Lisa!
      Oh yes, I’ve known a few people who have worked at The Gap. And the Christmas music, oh man! Maybe if they didn’t start playing it in NOVEMBER. Then I might not hate it so much by the time Christmas comes around. And don’t even get me started on Black Friday! =]

  • Haha, I’m flashbacking to my retail days … smh.

    • haha, fun times right? 🙂

  • i worked in retail but at a bookstore which is way less stress than a clothing store. but we do get a lot of old seniors which is cool unless they’re the old, miserable ones!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

    • I have to say, I am now considering moving from the clothing store I work at to a bookstore, that seems so much nicer. =]

  • Porsche

    Flashbacks to working in Chili’s. I always wanted to work retail just to have the experience & understanding of what it takes.

    • It definitely teaches you a lot, and changes your perspective, just like working in the food industry I’m sure.

  • OMG I loved this post! I worked retail for a couple years and I agreed with every single one of your annoyances! Preach it girl!

    • haha, oh the wonders of the retail industry, gotta love it!

  • Bahaha I used to work in retail so I remember this clearly! It was always so aggravating to me to fix a display just perfect and watch someone walk right through and pick up something just to plop it right down again without even attempting to fix it back the way it was before. UGH! I always try to be respectful now that I am on the other side of things.

    • same here! I clean out my own fitting rooms, and I even find myself folding a section as I shop it if it is messy. It definitely makes you a nicer customer when you are shopping. When someone greets me or tells me the promo, its like I totally get it, so I listen and smile and say THANK YOU. lol

  • this had me laughing! I haven’t worked retail in 5 years but can totally relate to everything you mentioned. I worked at victoria’s secret – it reminded me about the bajillion panties I would fix only to have a last minute shopper come in 5 minutes before closing come and mess up my work. ARRGHH!! Hoping you have better days!

    Glad I stumbled across your site 😀

    • I’m happy you enjoyed it! Thank you for stopping by!
      I feel like Victoria Secret can definitely be an easy place to mess up quickly, I feel your pain!
      There are so many wonderful aspects of retail (sarcasm)


  • I have worked in retail before. I lost my temper many,many times

    • you and me both!
      Thanks girl! =]

  • haha omg!! SO true …I worked a White House | Black Market for over a year and I am sad to say that all of these are right on!

  • A lot of these apply to working in the food industry too! I have never worked in retail but it sounds like quite the experience haha!

    • haha! I think retail and the food industry have a lot in common! Thanks so much, and have a great weekend!

  • LOL! This made me laugh and brought me back to my days in retail management….sometimes I miss working in retail, but this post reminded me of all the annoying things about it! The worst is when I’d be folding items on a table and working my way through and a customer would come up and mess up the stack of clothes I JUST fixed! I’d just stand there and look at them and they’d pretend not to see me, continue messing it all up, and walk away, lol.

    • hahaha, I swear that happens soooo much! I don’t get it, why???? =]