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So I have finally gotten into the Spring Cleaning mood. The first thing I decided to tackle was my jewelry organization. When we moved into our current apartment, I threw out my old jewelry organizer which I made out of a picture frame. It had zebra print and pink ribbons on it, and I wanted something a little more sophisticated in our new home. Fast forward 8 months and my jewelry is all jumbled up inside of an Adidas shoebox because I never got around to finding any way of organizing it all.

jewelry organization

So here is a look at how I have everything organized on my dresser. The scarf was a gift and I thought it looked better than the very plain dresser that came with the apartment. Before completeing this makeover, I already had the leopard print lady that holds my necklaces. Everything else I pulled together to complete the finished look.

earring stand

This earring stand is so cute. I purchased it from the store that I work at and I am so glad that I did. It spins and holds so many pairs of earrings. I personally can’t hold on to a pair of studs for longer than a week because I just leave them all over the apartment and lose them. So I think this system will work so great for me. I also hung my rings on this stand, for now I think it looks super cute, but I am hoping to find something better for my rings so that I don’t run out of space to hang them.

bracelets 2 Bracelets

Just like my rings, I also am still looking for the best way to organize my bracelets. I found this wine bottle from my Bridal Shower, and thought it would be super cute to stack my bracelets on top of it. It is working fine for now, but my bracelets barely fit on it, so I will need to look around for a system that can hold more. But until then, it sure is pretty to look at.

hooks hooks and necklaces

And last but not least, is my favorite part of the entire area. I purchased these hooks from the store that I work at as well. They were being used to hang up belts, but I thought my necklaces would look even better on them. I wear a lot of costume jewelry in my line of work, and most jewelry holders (that I can afford) don’t accommodate extra long necklaces. So the best option for me has always been to hang them on the wall. And I thought these hooks would be perfect for just that! I love the shabby feel of these hook s and I think they really bring the whole area together. Β So I put my longer and larger necklaces on these hooks, and my more dainty necklaces are on my leopard print lady (no idea what the proper name for her is, haha).

And there you have it! This is my current jewelry organization. Which I have to say is a huge relief. Not only did I organize it all, but I also condensed it. I had about 3 times the amount of jewelry you see in these pictures all stuffed inside of that shoe box. Most of it got tangled, and as I was sweating and mumbling profanity under my breath out of frustration, I realized that most of that jewelry was tangled because I didn’t wear it for 8 months straight! So I decided to give it away and make room for things that I will actually wear. Talk about a clean slate, it’s pretty refreshing.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that it is inspiring to someone out there! What is on your Spring Cleaning checklist?


  • I need to get some hooks like that for my necklaces! I have a necklace holder but it just doesn’t organize them as well as I would like.

    • I am so glad I came across them! They work perfect! Im sure you can find something similar easily! =]

  • I really like the hanging necklace rack! very cute!!!

    xoxo, Tara

  • You do a great job with your photography!

    • Thank you so much Mandy!!

  • I love that! I’ve been trying to organize my jewelry in a good way and you’ve inspired me!