sephora alive 5

So I have a new nail color on right now that I am absolutely in love with. I needed a new spring color, and I really wanted a pink. So I went into Sephora to see what they had and I found this beauty,

Sephora Alive 1

Its a color from Sephora’s Formula X line and it is called Alive. I love it! It is more of a peachy/pink, and it is nothing like any colors I currently own, so I was sold intantly. I actually own a few colors from Sephora’s Formula X line, but I never bought the full Formula X system, which they try to get me to do every time I purchase nail polish, so I decided to try it out this time around.

Sephora Alive 4

So in this system there is a cleanser. Which, reminds my of using some sort of rubbing alcohol on your nails to remove dirt and things. I am not sure if it is any more special than that, but it seemed to do the job. And I think it is nice to have it included in the system, because it helps me to remember to do that step, this is normally something I skip over.

Then there is a base coat, which I love, it has a sticky texture to it when it dries, and I really think it helped my polish last longer.Β The last step after your color is the top coat. LOVE. The base coat and top coat are probably the best combination I have ever tried with my nails. My nails usually start chipping the SAME day, unless I do them at night, and with this system I went two days with out any chips, and I am on the 4th day now with very little chipping and a huge smile every time I look at my nails. So I am thoroughly impressed.

Sephora Alive 2

I love this color, I painted my toes too, and they just look, amazing.

What do you think? Have you tried this line from Sephora? Comment below and let me know! (I totally just rhymed.)

Happy Friday!


  • I really like that it comes with a whole system. Pretty color, too!

    • Thank you! Yes, the system was really great, it made such a difference for me, I’m glad I got it.

  • I have not tried that line but I love all nude colors in every shade! Great Choice