Weight Loss Journey

I have hit a plateau. For the past three weeks or so I have been at the exact same weight. Which is both good and bad. I have had a few cheat days, so I am glad that the number on the scale hasn’t gone up. But I have also been discouraged from this because I am working out everyday and watching what I eat (almost) everyday, yet I am not losing weight. I have even been to the gym! the GYM! And still, nothing.

So, like I mentioned before, I am getting a bit discouraged, and I have noticed that I am not as motivated as I was before to give it my all everyday. I find it harder to get myself not only to work out, but to get all the way through the work out. And man do I just want to eat everything I see..



I think this has to do with the lack of progress I am seeing. When I was able to look in the mirror and see a difference, that motivated me, same with seeing the number on the scale get smaller. Now I’m just stuck in a rut.

So I have been thinking of what I could be doing differently to really push my body to get over this plateau. There are two things I think I can do differently that I believe will light a fire on this weight loss journey of mine.

1. Eat Clean. I have been hearing about this all over the place. As you know from a previous post I am currently using herbalife to help me with my nutrition. I drink two shakes a day and have one healthy meal a day. I also snack in between (sometimes healthy, sometimes not) to keep my metabolism up. But I would be lying if I said that every day my one meal is a healthy meal.

Plus I eventually would like to not have to use herbalife anymore, so I think I should really start changing my eating habits. I mean, don’t get me wrong they have improved so much since I started this journey last year, but they could still use improving. And I think the answer is to introduce clean eating into my everyday diet. So let the research commence.

2. CARDIO! Let me say that again, cardio! Man, I hate cardio. I love Blogilates workouts, and I know they have made a big difference in my body, but I have GOT to add more cardio into my workouts. The workouts I am doing are great for toning, and building muscles in the right place, but I have to burn off all this “extra” I have right now if I want to really see those results.

And I realize in an earlier post I already mentioned that I wanted to do more cardio. Well I tried OK? But I haven’t been doing enough, and that has to change.

So clean eating, which once I figure out how I will be doing this I will do another update, and Cardio. I think those two elements will make a difference! I am going to try to put together a work out schedule that includes more Cardio in addition to the Blogilates workouts. And I think I want to start planning my meals ahead of time? I feel like that will make things a lot easier.

Have you ever experienced hitting a plateau in your weight loss and not knowing how to get past it? How did you overcome it?


  • Hang in there, plateaus suck but you’ll feel so much better once you work through it! It looks like you’ve got a great plan.

    • Thank you! Hopefully I will stick to it! (fingers crossed!) =]

  • I feel for you! I am at a stand still too. Positive vibes for your journey!

  • Oy, I’m right there with you! I’ve been yo-yoing with the same 5 pounds for a month and it’s infuriating. Partially my own fault, but also have been doing a lot of weight training. I need the cardio to burn it.

    • For a month! Geez, could this really last that long?? =[ It is really frustrating. But, same here, it is partially my fault, I don’t eat the BEST every day. So hopefully I can make some changes that will get me through it. =]

  • I’m on a weight loss journey too and although I’ve never hit a plateau, I did get to a point where I was getting too small and had to change my approach because I wasn’t happy with my level of muscle tone. Adjusting my protein intake and adding more strength is what helped me. Our bodies tend to get too accustomed to our routine after awhile.

    Sending SitsGirls Group 11 love!

    • Yes, I have noticed that switching things up has helped before. So I think that is what it comes down to for me!

  • Water really helps too- keep drinking and drink more than you think you need!

    • You know, that is a great point. I really have a hard time getting a good amount of water in every day…Im glad you brought that up! Thank you!

  • I’m also trying to loose weight and get stronger. I’m also getting a bit discouraged about the weight not falling off like I would like. But I’ve been pushing on. Definitely try eating clean because it makes a world of difference. Good luck!!