So I am obsessed with a few television shows right now. Like seriously obsessed. Last night I was locked out of my apartment at 7:55pm for over an hour. Do you realize what that means!? I missed two of my shows becuase my door lock wasn’t working! And when maintenance finally decided to show up and fix it, I was like…

greys anatomy gif


What took you so long!?!? Jerk.



And, that brings me to my first obsession. I love Grey’s Anatomy. I started watching it with my mom WAY back when it first came on. It was literally our “thing” each week. I can’t believe it is still on, and still amazing. There have been a few times where I have fallen behind, but boy, when I catch up I get hooked all over again. So thanks a lot maintenance guy for making me miss this weeks episode! Not cool dude. But anyway, it is a great show, full of yummy drama and gooey guts, and lot of sexiness (if you know what I mean). What else could you seriously ask for in a show?



The next show that I can not stop watching is Scandal. I mean…if anyone tells me they don’t watch scandal, my reaction is pretty much exactly like this…



It is ahh-mazing! My mom (she is such a bad influence) is who got me to start watching it. I fell in love instantly, so I watched all of the seasons on Netflix, and now I am eagerly awaiting every thursday night for more juicy drama. This is probably my top favorite show right now. Seriously, it’s that good. Also, Kerry Washington has always been a favorite of mine, and I just love her character, Olivia Pope!


how i met your mother


The next show that I am absolutely, positively, obsessed with is How I Met Your Mother.

When I think about the fact that this show is ending in like a month, I seriously want to cry. I feel like these are my five best friends. I quote so many lines from these shows, and no one ever gets it!

thats love bitch


I am going to miss this show when it is over. And I will probably re-watch the series over and over and over. It’s that good. I love every character and I just…I love it ok?




Last but definitely not least. The Big Bang Theory, a show that I currently own each season of, and have watched MULTIPLE times. If I let myself, I could talk about this show for hours, cracking jokes, laughing at one of my favorite scenes, or trying to explain Sheldon’s personality to someone who just doesn’t get it. It is amazing, I hope it never ends. Again, I feel like these are my friends…if I were to ever hang out with a bunch of scientists…which would be kind of cool.

fo shizzle


Do you love any of these shows?? Which is your favorite??


  • OMGeee, My current obsession is Castle and Bones! I cannot get enough!!!!

    • I’ve never watching it, but after some googling, it looks pretty awesome! I may have to check it out! =]