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Its Thursday! Time to live in the past! Yesterday I was thinking about some of the bands that I used to listen to as a kid, and it gave me the idea for this post. Here is a list (in no set order) of some of the awesome music artists/bands I listened to as a kid. I seriously had great taste.

1.  Brandy,I loved Brandy as a kid, the album pictured is pretty much the only one I listened to. But I played that album OUT. I remember using a portable cd player and this was one of the albums I always had with me when I went to Summer Camp. haha.

2. The SPICE Girls! Need I say any more than that? This was the first group or artist that I completely fell in love with. Ever. Its the first album my parents ever bought me, and I remember locking myself in my room and singing my heart out to every single song. Girl Power.

3.  Usher, I loved this dude all the way up to Confessions. Then our love dwindled, but I still go back and listen to “My Way” every now and then. It was another one of those albums when I was younger that I could never get enough of. This is an artist that I was still in love with in my teens, but thats a different post for a different day.

4.  Britney Spears, I mean, who didn’t like her as a kid? I just remember watching all of her music videos and wishing so hard that I could be her! I also remember singing her songs in talent shows with a few of my friend, and just loving her. So much.

5.  B2K. Can you say “drool”. My first huge boy band crush! I CRIED when they broke up. I remember, my mom was driving me to school, and I heard it on the radio..worst day ever. I own every album still, and back then this was pretty much all I listened to at one point. Pure fan girl obsession. Here is my absolute favorite song and video from them. This is the video that started the strongest love I have ever felt for boys I didn’t even know.

Ok, let me stop drooling here and move on…

6. Destiney’s Child. “Bills Bill Bills”, “Say My Name”, “Bootylicious”. The list goes on, I loved everything they put out, from the very beginning. Everything. They pretty much filled my heart after the spice girls broke up and left it broken and empty. =[ I love Destiney’s Child.

7. Lil’ Bow Wow, I am pretty sure he was the first “rapper” I listened to. I mean obviously, I listened to other rappers on the radio but I mean, this was probably the first “rap album” I ever bought. haha. I was absolutely in love with this guy. I mean between him and B2K, I had a lot of obsessing on my hands. I actually got to see him in person, I made a vow after buying his first album that I would buy every album he ever put out, and I kept that vow until about two albums ago. Seriously, I thought we would actually end up married one day…I mean I seriously thought that.

8. N’Sync, I loved N’Sync. I wasn’t in love with them like most girls, I actually just really liked their music, and I preferred N’Sync over the backstreet boys. I know, it was a whole thing. Anyway, I did have a crush on one member, and no it was NOT Justin, I had a crush on Lance. So you can imagine my disappointment when I found out that he plays for the other team. But regardless, I thought they were pretty freakin awesome back then!

9. 3LW. Does anyone else even know who this group is? If you ever watched the Cheetah Girls then you will recognize two of the members of this group. This is probably the most embarrassing group on this list. haha. A friend of mine introduced me to them, and I am pretty sure I only liked one of their albums, but we listened to it all. the. time.

And thats it! There were, of course, many other artists that I listened to back then, but these 9 stuck out in my mind a lot more than any one else. These are albums I purchased and listened to over and over again!

What music did you listen to a a kid, are there any that make you shake your head in embarrassment?

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  • Some of these were my regular favorites!!! Oh my gosh, I’m a bit embarrassed by my LOVE of NSync!!!! I memorized every song, had a JT poster on my wall, and when Dec hit, their Xmas album was on REPEAT. Luckily, JT is still awesome, so can’t be too ashamed about that. Wish he & Britney worked out though!!

    • So do I!! They were like the american dream of Couples! I was so upset when they broke up. lol. And yes, he is still awesome, so it isn’t too bad! haha

  • meganekubasch

    May I just say that your taste in music is exquisite? And in response to your question about music that I used to listen to, I don’t really look back and shake my head. But I do wonder if the adults around me had the same feelings about NSYNC and Britney as I do with bands like One Direction. Seriously… They make me insane.

    • I wonder the same thing! Did they all think I was nuts back then? haha. Regardless, NSYNC trumps One Direction, I’m just sayin!

  • i’m much older and the bands i loved as a kid were: duran duran, madonna (when she was the material girl), depeche mode (my all-time fav band), New Order, The Cure, NIN (still do – so awesome), thompson twins, tears for fears (still love them), GnR, motley crue. oh, such great music. this was all circa 1980s btw,

    • Those all seem way better than mine! haha Well the ones I recognize! =]

  • Just wanted to give you heads up I nominated you for Liebster Award 🙂