throw back

How cute was I?? I know, I know, super cute.

I have clearly loved reading since I was young, I mean clearly, just ignore the fact that I am sleeping in this picture and not actually happens. It’s so funny, if you look at this picture, imagine me in my twenties, no pigtail braids, or plaid outfit set, and you will see what I look like now most nights when I am reading a book into the wee hours of the night. Some things just never change. Which is exactly why this is one of my favorite pictures of me as a child. I even have my finger marking the page for when I wake up. Before I had my handy Kindle, I totally did that!

Reading has always been my favorite way to pass time, whether it be a book, a magazine, or a few gazillion blog posts. I love getting lost in the world of a non fiction novel, and forgetting about everything else around me. I am THAT girl that hides a book inside of her textbook in class, and gets so into the story that I laugh out loud in the middle of a lecture, busted.

I can easily admit that I still enjoy young adult novels, I’m sorry, but they are just so juicy and full of goodness. But I am known to branch out from that a time or two. I am a hopeless romantic, so you will hardly ever find me reading something that doesn’t have some sort of love story in it, unless it is just THAT great of a book without one. My favorite books of all time, if you don’t already know, is the entire Harry Potter series. Sorry, I’m not sorry. Harry Potter is my childhood and it will always hold a very special place in my heart. I finally got all 7 books on my Kindle, so now I don’t have to lug those huge hardbacks around with me anymore. yay.

Thank you mom, for blessing me with the love I have for reading, the only other person I remember reading as much as me as a kid was you. It is something I am very proud of, and I sincerely enjoy. I hope my children enjoy it as much as I do, because I really want to have one of those cool reading nooks that I always manage to see on Pinterest. And I hope that they will join me there from time to time.

I also hope to have an insane library one day, books from the floor to the ceiling. Even if I haven’t read them all, I just think it is the most amazing thing to have in an office space.Β How cute is this room?

library (source)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my past and frankly my present. I am going to go read something now, this post put me in the mood to snuggle up with something wonderful.Β Are you a book lover? If so what are your favorites?


  • I am horrible at starting books, and just not finding the time to finish them

    • LoveDesiree

      That happens to me too! Life usually gets in the way, but I am trying to give myself a certain amount of time a day or week to just sit down and enjoy a good book. =]

  • I am with you, reading is my life and I can’t live without it! I will always make time for reading in my day no matter how busy I am;) I have been on a YA book kick, with the Divergent series and that Elite series, too. I also adore romance and find Nora Roberts to be my happy place when it comes to that. HAve you read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon? It is amazing and my all time fave books;)

  • T.

    I love to read too! Some of my fave books are by Douglas Coupland and Jeffrey Eugenides.

  • I love reading. My husband bought me a kindle because my bookshelf couldn’t hold anymore books. It was creaking under all the weight!