Happy Tuesday!

I wanted to share a few quotes that I ran across on Pinterest this week, that really resonated with me. Hopefully they will touch you in a similar way, and help you get through today or better yet this week!

qupte 3

These quotes all remind me of why I have to keep pushing for my dreams, goals, and happiness, especially in tough times.

quote 1

To look at everything going wrong in your life, and see it as a path towards something much better, now that is the BEST way to get through a rough day or time in your life…

quote 2

Your mindset and attitude Β play a huge factor in how you handle situations, and how you get past them.

Remember that Happiness is a Choice. Today, choose joy! Smile, and spread that joy to others!

What are your favorite quotes when you need help getting through something?

I hope these inspire someone to go out there and have aΒ Great DAY!Β 


  • I love the middle quote. I can completely relate to that quote because when I was younger I went through a really bad break up that threw me into a horrible depression. Very shortly after the breakup, my now husband came into my life and changed everything for me. It is so true that sometimes when it seems like things won’t get better, a little ray of sunshine appears and gives you a completely new outlook on life.

  • My favorite quote comes from someone unknown. They said, “Sometimes, it’s not about feeling motivated to achieve your goals. It’s just about doing X because you convince yourself that you’re the type of person who does X”.

    I love this quote because I’m always thinking of ways to be motivated because that’s what I feel is how we get through our days. And plus motivation just feels SOOOOOOO good to me. But it also can be hard to come by. You can see motivation all up in your face but doesn’t mean you’re going to do it. If I just believe that I am who I want to be, motivation isn’t so difficult anymore!!!

    • That is an awesome quote!! Its so true, motivation is wonderful, but it doesn’t always mean results, sometime you just have to believe in yourself.

      thank you for sharing that!