planner problems

So I think I might get a new planner. When I first started looking into planners for 2014 I had a hard time deciding between a Filofax or an Erin Condren Life Planner.

Right now I am using my pink polka dot planner, which is not a Filofax planner, but I am using Filofax inserts in it. And I am really enjoying it. I love that I can customize it, and really make it work for me.Β However, it is pretty small, and I write really big, also I don’t like that I can’t fit all of my diary inserts in it, because it gets too full. I mean yes, I could always get a bigger Filofax, but they just seem…REALLY big. Sigh, I am having serious planner problems.

So, as the planner addict that I am, I still really want to try an Erin Condren Planner. And just, you know, see how I like it. I don’t have that many things that I have to plan really. I have a whole planner for my blog and Youtube channel. So all that I keep in my personal planner is, well personal things, and school and work things.

However, if I could find a way to use one planner for EVERYTHING! Oh joy, life would be grand. I really am not the person who wants a bunch of planners for 10 different things. Unless I just get that busy of course, which right now, I’m really not.

So, I went onto the Erin Condren website, and I think there is a good chance for me to be able to really make it my own, and get it to work for me better than my Filofax is right now. I love that it is a spiral notebook, and larger than the Filofax, without being too large, because I do Β write a lot, and I write very LARGE. Also, I have been looking at different blogs and Youtube videos on how different ladies have made it work for them, so I think there is hope.

Naturally, I decide this the same week that I get paid..So I will be ordering this in the next few days. (insert happy dance!) Β I am hoping it doesn’t take TOO long to get to me, I can be pretty impatient. Well, now I am going to go stare at all the cute cover options and figure out which one I want! This may take a while! =]

Do you use an Erin Condren Planner? Do you LOVE it? =]


  • I love the Eric Condren planner! I have been wanting one.

    • Me too!! I don’t know why it took me so long to finally decide to get one! haha

  • I used to be an obsessive planner girl…and now I’m trying to go digital with a Google calendar, since it connects to my phone and tablet. It’s SO hard! But I’m working on it.

    • I hear you! That’s something that I have been wanting to do as well, but I like to write things. and for some reason I always have a problem with remembering to put things on my phone or computer. good luck! planning digitally has some great advantages! =]

  • I loved having an Erin Condren planner and being able to pick out the cover. It is a great planner to use and has great writing space. Now, I’m wondering why I ever left EC. I really want to try the Simplified Planner.

    • Oh yeah! The simplified planner is another one on my list! So, why did you stop using your EC? Any specific reason?

  • I’m a planner junkie too, but I’m too cheap to buy an EC one. Plus, I’m too impatient to wait for shipping. First world problems, I know. Hopefully you get one that works for you!

    • haha, I am right there with you on the shipping! I get so impatient! What planner do you use?

  • Ah, the corporate world has ruined me and taken me to full electronic mode when it comes to planning and keeping appointments. I do use a huge chart thing to plan my blogging schedule though… maybe a planner would be good for that.
    What sort of YouTube videos do you do??? That’s a platform I haven’t really learned anything about.

    • I do a variety of things. Hair and makeup tutorials, and I am starting to do VLOGS as well! πŸ™‚

  • I completely understand. I have a big notebook that works as my brain/planner, I was so frustrated, I actually ripped a page out. I hope you can find that one that works for you! FYI, I love Erin Condren

  • I started out with a smaller planner and found myself in the same position. So now I’ve graduated to a bigger one that allows me to write as big as I need to.

    • I need space to think, make mistakes, jot down notes, or details. I just need SPACE! haha. And yea, writing big doesn’t help either.