Hi Everyone! I just posted a video today about my new natural hair goals!I really want to start a new Hair Journey for my naturally curly hair. My overall goal is Healthy Hair, basically making this my main focus when it comes to my hair, on a daily basis!

My five goals to achieve healthy natural hair are:

1. Take better care of it.

2. Only straighten it 2-3 times this year!

3. Be more creative with my hair. Give my hair more of my time.

4. Get it cut. Into a style of some sort. Right now my curls aren’t that exciting, I think they could use some sort of revival through a haircut.

5. Develop a nighttime routine that works for my hair, and stick to it .

Overall, I think these 5 goals will help me to reach my overall goal of healthier hair! I am excited to get started! If you want to know more details about each goal, feel free to watch the video, I explain them all in more detail on there. Also, I plan to do updates on this journey, so stay tuned for that!

The video is below for you to watch! Β Please subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos here

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  • i have been straightening my hair for YEARS but think its finally time to go au natural – good luck to us both πŸ™‚