Are there any “Boy Meets World” fans out there?

The title of today’s post is my absolute favorite quote from one of the best Disney shows ever made.

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Life’s tough, get a helmet

Word’s to live by right? Well my week has been HELL so far and it is only Thursday. I don’t really want to go too deep into any details, because, well my life is still hell right now and I have no idea what to do except put on my helmet and push through.

Life is tough, and life isn’t handing me lemons right now, Β its handing me crap. What am I supposed to do with that? Last time I checked you can’t make lemonade with crap. So here I am, completely lost, under my helmet that is supposed to be getting me through this, and so isn’t working.

But I don’t want this to be one of those blog posts that is all negativity and whining. I try to be a positive person, even at the toughest of times. So things, are tough, ok, get over it. I mean, things have to get better eventually right? Right! We have to believe that if we ever expect things to get better. And I have to be completely honest right now, I am not seeing how things could get easier, but I know, in some way, they eventually will. Maybe not in the way that I want them to, maybe things will get better in a way that I can’t even imagine right now. But things will get better.

Now let me repeat that three times, and really make it stick.

Things will get better.

Things will get better.

Things will get better.Β 

Ok, but, that doesn’t mean just sit around and wait for them to get better does it? No! So I have decided to use this, umm let’s call it a “rough patch”, in my life as a chance to really focus on me. I want to work towards my goals, make changes where necessary, and be happy regardless of what is going on. Turn this crap into daisies.

Basically I am hoping to focus on positive things, and hope that the negative things will go away faster? That could work right? I sure hope so.

What do you do when life is tough on you? How do you cope?

Here’s to positivity! Good things will come! <3


  • It depends on how strong I’m feeling, honestly. Sometimes I go to bed and stay there and sometimes I get angry.

    But, sometimes I put on my big girl pants and go out and meet the world head on, trying to stay positive and grateful for all I have. Even though it’s hard.

    Hoping you have a better day tomorrow!

    • Thanks Lara!
      It is true that if I think about the things I have to be grateful for it helps so much! It really puts things into perspective! =]

      Thank you, my day was much better today! =]

  • One thing that has helped me is to express myself in some way. Communication, Art, Yoga, running while thinking…then realizing I’ve been running for a long time & my breathing needs to catch up!!!! Seriously, if the weather permits it, spend as much time as you can outside this weekend & as little time on your computer or phone…I have started doing this on Sat & Sun & have seen tremendous results on my outlook on life!! Stay strong girl & keep moving forward, life will get better…it has to.

    • Thank you Ashleigh! That is a great idea! I will plan on it this weekend! It might be just what I need! =]