Hello there! =]
So it is time for the long overdue update on my weight loss journey.
So it’s been about 2 weeks since I started Blogilates, and I really like it! Every day it focuses on a different area of my body. The main areas are abs, lower body, and total body. But some lower body days focus on legs and some focus on the butt area. And total body days are just a variety of things! It’s different every time. I definitely love the variety in the workouts, it keeps things interesting, I have yet to get bored with any of the workouts because of this.
I started to notice a difference in my body very soon after starting. Doing Blogilates every day, and sticking to herbalife seems to be getting results. I have noticed a difference in how my clothes are fitting, which is both amazing and frustrating since I have no plans to shop for a new wardrobe any time soon haha, and I’ve noticed a difference in my posture as well.
I lost a little over 5 pounds in the last two weeks since I started doing Blogilates, which I think is pretty great. I feel like I lost all of my easy weight when I was just doing Herbalife in the beginning of my journey (which started in October). But it’s getting harder to see results now because it’s that stubborn weight that I am trying to get rid of.
So I am super excited about the results I have gotten so far. However, I don’t always feel like I am getting the BEST work out everyday. Some days with Blogilates just seem so easy. And some seem insane! So last Sunday I decided to go do 30 min of cardio at the gym before doing my Blogilates workouts and I felt pretty amazing when I was done. So my goal for my next update is to add a few days of cardio each week to my Blogilates workouts.
The days that I do total body workouts usually have some cardio to them so I think I will try to add cardio on days that I only focus on abs or legs. Hopefully I will see even better results from this! 🙂
I live in Arizona, summer time comes around a lot quicker than most places here, so I want that bikini body as soon as possible! Haha
Wish me luck with my workouts this week! I hope my next update has great results! 🙂 I’m thinking before and after pictures??
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