Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday!

I am in a really weird mood today, so I decided to come on here and ramble a bit, and see what happens. I’ve been seeing a lot of posts around the social media world about depression. Like a lot of posts. I am not quite sure why, but its been pretty sad for me to see kids that I grew up with talking about how they have dealt with depression. You just really never know what life is like for someone else.

I have had some pretty low times in my life, I know that during those times I considered it to be depression, but now as I look back I am not sure that was the case each time. I was a bit dramatic back then. But I do think I had times where I came pretty close. I am blessed enough to have had a family that, no matter how ANNOYING, would bring a smile to my face, and they probably had no idea what they were even doing. Also, we were heavily involved in our church back then, so I was very lucky to have a second family that also put a smile on my face whenever I was down. Β 

But like I said, I had some pretty low times, and looking back I wish I was able to just let things go and be happy and enjoy life! It speeds right past us, I still cant believe I’m married and in my mid-20’s, like, when did that even happen? And I feel like as an adult it goes even quicker, “It’s been HOW long since I gradated high school??!??”. This is me like every year! So now, I just try to enjoy each day, one at a time. I love the quote, “Live each day as if there is no tomorrow, but plan as if there is.” True words to live by if you ask me!

So if there is anyone reading this that finds themselves feeling low, I hope that you will reach out to someone around you, the worst thing I did back then was keep it all to myself, I would hold it all in until I literally EXPLODED with emotion. I would cry for hours and not even know why, but it was a whole bunch of built up emotion from weeks before. Try to focus on the joys in your life, the things that make you happy, those are the parts of your life you are going to look back on in future years.

There are so many amazing things about this thing we call life, I sometimes hate how hard it can be for everyone to appreciate it. Just remember that happiness is a choice, and today, I choose to be happy!!

Put a smile on your face, and spread it around, laughter is contagious.

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    • That is awesome! Thank you! I look forward to reading your post, and writing mine!! =]

  • love this post, very well written! looking forward to more in the future…xo, jess