Hi Everyone!

So, in a previous post I showed you guys my new Pink Polka Dot Planner! (That I love so much!)

So this week, I finally moved in! =]

I ordered some new dividers from Peppermint Doxie Designs:

Planner Set up

Aren’t they just the cutest? I wasn’t sure at first if I would use them in my pink planner, because I originally ordered these for my Aqua Saffiano. But, I think they worked out just fine, plus I couldn’t wait any longer to move in!

So here is a look into the dividers all set up in my planner! =]

planner set up

So this picture is just another shot of the planner, in case you forgot how ADORABLE it is! =] And the second picture is a shot of how it looks closed with all of the dividers and inserts inside.

planner set up

 So in picture #1: This is my dashboard, however it is so pretty I may put a flyleaf over it, so that I don’t cover it up with post its. The dashboard has a top tab, and I made this my to do section, my most used section. Inside of this section I have my personal “everything I need to get done, ever” list, and a section for work, for all of my work to do’s. It is such a pretty divider, I love opening up my planner and seeing it.

In picture #2, This is the section for my monthly calendar (which somehow ended up as picture number 4?). In my last planner I actually kept my monthly and weekly inserts together, but I got rid of a lot of stuff that I wasn’t really using, so I was able to split them! So far I like it this way.

In picture # 3, This is the divider that sections off my weekly section. In this section I use 2 days per page inserts from Piaric .

planner set up

In picture #5, This is the first thing you see when going into my Weekly section. This Diary insert came with the planner, and I like the clean look of it plus, BONUS, it has a section on the back of it for all of my personal information.

In picture #6, Here is a shot of my weekly inserts, which I show in much better detail in my Weekly Filofax Updates.  I love the space I have with these pages, I am able to fit EVERYTHING in them.

In picture #7, You can see that I only have my weekly inserts in my planner up until May, this is because there are so many sheets since my week is spread onto 4 pages. My planner would be SO FULL if I decided to keep them all in there. Also in this picture is the divider for my Social section. This is where I make any notes regarding my youtube channel or blog. I also keep some social media goals on here and pretty much anything that comes to mind, there is just a bunch of note paper in the section for when I get a brilliant idea. *insert winky face here*

Picture #8, This is the divider for my LISTS. I love making lists, this is basically every list I keep besides To Do. Examples include, new years resolutions, long term goals, movies to watch,  books to read, etc. You get the idea.

planner set up

In picture #9, This is a subsection that is in my “Lists” section. Labelled “SHOPPING“. Yup, I had to have an entire section just for this. I like to organize my lists by what types of things I need. For example I have a Grocery list, a Makeup to Buy list, a things I need list (girlie stuff), etc. I also keep track of online orders in this section so I know what I am waiting on and when to expect it.

In picture #10, This is the divider for my notes section. Can you tell I like to write a lot of things down in this planner? I keep a few inserts for the classes I am taking in this section. I realized that I didn’t need an entire section dedicated to school, I just wasn’t using it. And I noticed in my last planner that I was constantly reaching for the nearest section with note paper whenever I wanted to jot down a note or idea. So I made an entire section just for that!

In picture #11, Last but not least, this divider is for my Health section! Woohoo! This is where I keep my Workout Calendar, health and fitness goals, and an exercise and weight loss tracker.

And that’s everything! As you can see it is pretty simple right now, there are no clutters of post its and stickers and FUN stuff to organize with, but that will be changing soon. I actually went on a trip to target today, and I bought SO MUCH CUTE STUFF!!! Can wait to stuff it all in there! =]

Well I hope you enjoyed this peak into my new planner! If you would like a more detailed look inside, I may do a video showing everything! Doesn’t that sound fun??

Let me know what you think of my new set up, so far it is working pretty well for me!