So, I have recently been researching ways to organize my blog and my youtube channel. I originally had a section in my personal filofax dedicated to this, but I found that these two areas really needed their own form of organization. So I started to look into blogging planners.
My plan is to plan out my blogging and video calendar in this planner, but also put dates and ideas in my planner so that I still have a way to keep up with them when I am out of the house.
There are a bunch of blog planner printables out there. I decided to purchase a set off of etsy at Mama’s Got it Together. It took me a while to find printables that I could use for both my blog and my youtube channel. The set I got from etsy still didn’t have this aspect but I decided to go with her set because I really liked the pages that it did come with. For the most part I was able to use each page for both my blog and my youtube, and for the pages that I couldn’t I created my own similar pages for my youtube.
Here is the front cover: I made the print out on the front of my binder, her set came with a cover image but it only said “Blog Planner”, therefore I made my OWN cover image that said “blog and youtube planner”. So, about the actual pink binder, it was sitting in a box that I have of old binders, folders, and such that I am not currently using, so I am not sure where I got it from. But any standard sized binder will do, I wanted it to be this size because I wanted a lot of room to write down my thoughts and ideas. This binder will probably never leave my desk, so a big size is not a problem.
So for the inside of my planner I made 6 sections to keep my blog and youtube channel super organized. Within some of the sections I created subsections. I made my dividers out of card stock from Michael’s and used the Martha Stewart Tabs to label each section until I get my label maker in the mail, in which case I will label each divider. I also used the Martha Stewart tabs for my subsections.

So the sections I have are:

  • Calendar: this is my editorial calendar for both my blog and youtube. I tend to post youtube videos and blog posts on different days, which works perfectly since I want to organize them both together. I used the Blank Calendar from the set I got from the Blog Planning Kit on Mama’s Got it Together’s Etsy page.
  • Goals: this is the section where I map out what I want to achieve with my blog and my youtube. There is also a print out from the Blog Planning Kit for monthly blog tasks (which I use not only for my blog but also my youtube) where I can set out tasks that I want to complete each month. The pages are all designed to where you can start on any month.
  • Ideas: This section has a print out from the Blog Planning Kit called “Blog Ideas”. It sections them off as blog post ideas, blog series ideas, blog events, and any other ideas. I wanted a similar print out for my youtube channel, so I made a subsection called “Youtube” and made a similar print out that was as close as possible to the one she made but I made the sections on my youtube print out makeup videos, hair videos, vlog ideas, and other ideas. I also placed a bunch of lined paper in this section for brainstorming.
  • Posts: this section is where I plan out my posts for the week and month, I also am able to plan out larger blog posts on a “Blog Post Planner” print out to stay on track. My favorite print out in the kit was the weekly blog planner, I love the layout that she created, it is so clean and has everything I need. I plan my youtube videos and blog posts on the same page. There is even a social network promotion page in the kit to remind me to promote each post as I publish them. I made a subsection called “this week” so that I am able to flip directly to the blog posts I am currently working on that week.
  • Info: This is where I placed printouts such as a password log, contacts sheet, affiliate info, and advertising info. Pretty straight forward.
  • Stats: This was my second favorite print out in this kit. She breaks the printout into months, but breaks down each month even further, into weeks. You can track page views, unique visitors, subscribers, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and Pinterest followers. Since this page didn’t have anywhere for me to track my Youtube stats I created one that looks similar to hers but the things I can track are page views, subscriptions, likes, comments, Tumblr followers, and Instagram followers. So all of my social media can be tracked in this one section between these two print outs!
And thats it! Now, I did not upload a picture of every printable that I have in my binder, but I did upload a few so you can see the style of the pages! It is a really nice mint and grey theme, they are all super clean, and easy to use. The layouts are very eye-catching as well! I am really excited about it, I already planned out the rest of February, and I am looking forward to planning out March.
I am always looking for more printables to make my binder even better, so if anyone has a favorite that they would like to share feel free to share it with me in the comments!
So what do you think of my new blog planner? I love it! =]
Thanks so much for stopping by!


  • This is a great idea! I need to get organized, especially with my blogging!

    • It has helped me so much! Give it a try, it is a life saver!

  • This is one of the nicest blog planners I have seen. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you, I am very proud of it, and therefore always in it planning something out! =] Thanks for the comment! =]

  • This is so useful!

  • Excellent! Thank you so much!

  • This is so cute!! I definitely agree that a planner helps keep it all together and plan for upcoming posts. I don’t know what I would do without mine!

    Thanks for linking up at Wordy Wednesday!